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I don't think that I've taken an online test since Quiz Diva said I wanted to date 'shemales' and should flaunt my penis. (A weblog entry that my logs show people look at several times a day.)

During the early days of the attack on Iraq I become a regular reader of the The Guardian's online edition. When I saw they were featuring a test by Simon Baron-Cohen I figured what the hell.

There are three common brain types: for some individuals, empathising is stronger than systemising. This is called the female brain, or a brain of type E. For other individuals, systemising is stronger than empathising. This is called the male brain, or a brain of type S. Yet other individuals are equally strong in their systemising and empathising. This is called the "balanced brain", or a brain of type B. There are now tests you can take to see which type (E, S, or B) you are. Not which type you'd like to be, but which you actually are.

Ahem. Well, he's a guy and clearly he's systematizing here. Smacks a little of Mars & Venus Go To University.

My Empathy Quotient was 36, average. I'll own that that the result felt a bit like mild slap in the face. But my empathy is balanced by an almost austere detachment.

My Systematizing Quotient was 33, average again. Well, the will to a system is a lack of integrity. I can't help but organizing my impressions and opinions but deliberate self-distrust keeps me from a unified theory of much of anything. If I weren't interested in science and technology news and didn't give a damn about the components I buy when I assemble a PC I might've been below average.

Typical of questionnaires the phrasing was too emphatic: are you "fascinated" not are you interested. And most of my answers were "mildly" rarely "strongly."

As long as I was taking tests I thought I'd hit The Political Compass:

The old one-dimensional categories of 'right' and 'left' , established for the seating arrangement of the French National Assembly of 1789, are overly simplistic for today's complex political landscape. For example, who are the 'conservatives' in today's Russia? Are they the unreconstructed Stalinists, or the reformers who have adopted the right-wing views of conservatives like Margaret Thatcher ?

My results:
Economic Left/Right: -3.12
Authoritarian/Libertarian: -5.23

From the graph they showed I'm a leftist libertarian (note the lowercase 'l'). Fair enough, I've swiped Norman Mailer's libertarian socialist often enough.

Even though I want the government to leave me and most everybody else alone I want it to take money from the well off to take care of the poor and incompetent. And I don't confuse the rights of a living breathing person with the collective legal fiction called the corporation.

I need to end this with something sillier. Ah, the Sex Color Test - talk about simpleminded:


Oh Divine and sophisticated purple person - how you would prefer to avoid really messy sex. People who like purple would like to have order rather than chaos in the boudoir. They may be inclined to use methodical, even business like approaches to sexual encounters. Those who have not seen the soul with the eyes of Love make their own orgasm a higher priority than their partners.

Trust me, that isn't me. Maybe it is Prince, purple is his color.

I got only a 10 out of 16 on Female or Shemale can you tell?

Anyway: Online tests are bunk.

Know of an online test you like or hate? Leave link in a comment (below).


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