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Early 70s.

The Atlanta Barb's original publisher had hoped to fatten his wallet with personal ads. While we published several thousand copies of each issue only twenty-five copies were sent to bars outside Atlanta. While the paper hit every southern state its circulation was spread very thin.

Typing them up for the typesetter was one of my chores. I responded to at least one (a Tennessee boy) but never met the boy until I moved to San Francisco. Possibly on an inflamed whim, while with The Barb I didn't lack for boys to sleep with, I published one for myself. I don't think it led to more than my finding a couple of young boys a place in a youth shelter (and manfully fighting against the easy chance their neediness offered).

When I left the paper I attractive compliant boy flesh wasn't as easily found. Most gay men would've hit the bars (or Piedmont Park, but I've never fucked anyone that I didn't talk to for at least fifteen minutes first). As I said in my first attempt at this and documented in Part I "You need ready affability or devotion to the cool logic of lust." In a bar I felt like a missionary being prepared for the communal pot.

It wasn't that boys wouldn't approach me. I remember one sweet sissy who introduced himself by jumping in my lap and shoving his tongue into my mouth. Lots of folks with my biases build convoluted defenses of their orientation (god or Satan protect us from the gay virgins). An apology for more promiscuous inclination is as easily made. Maybe I was just timid. However it did not distort or damage me to say that I was being true to my needs, my nature seems plausible enough.

Horny and restless I ran a personal ad in The Atlanta Gazette (or the original Creative Loafing ( - later bought by Larry Flynt during his abortive attempt to form a national chain of urban weeklies)

Actually there were two ads. "Androgynous/masculine seeks androgynous/feminine.". was the first one. Since you are wise enough to be more interested in yourself than me you can't share my fascination with that phrase. While I'd mostly slept with nelly boys with a few conventional ones on the side it is my earliest recollection of my being aware of the essence of my sexual orientation. The only person who replied was a distant acquaintance. I called him and we laughed. Many years later we'd meet and wonder if perhaps we should've done more than laugh.

A less exotically erotic personal ad followed. I met a bunch of guys. We'd meet at the International House of Pancakes (now reduced to merely IHOP). I slept with several, most enjoyably the boy I spanked after he licked my Army boots (my momma didn't know what a Castro clone was). Most memorably, was the boy who would've probably slept with me if I'd owned a big car. He wasn't hustling. For him material wealth was sexy. Since he had one of the two most beautiful butts I've seen how could I not wish I had a car. Not knowing how to drive I'm not sure what I'd've done with it. Let him drive it I guess. Could there have been a more educational personal ad? I'd slept with many pampered young men but their pretty clothes aside never thought of the money they had. Anymore than the sissy street tramps lack of it. (Merely bourgeois boy were boring.)

The other not unattractive but unmemorable guys have faded from memory I didn't sleep with the guy who was looking for somebody to go live on his farm in the middle of Nowhere, GA. At that time the notion of living in a place with less than a couple of million people was unthinkable. He was a decent fellow so the stupidity marker moves over to my side

Most annoyingly was the very straight acting young fellow with dark skin and a moustache. Didn't seem to enjoy kissing, obligingly I sucked and sucked but he never had an orgasm. It was an exhausting evening and I was never more happy to see a trick depart. To me it was proof that the skinny, silly and fey were the gay boys I belonged with.

My personal led to sex, nothing more. Foolish romantic hopes had been successfully knocked out of my head, sex was plenty. Never saw any of the guys a second time.

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