Men: hairy or smooth?

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My post about height, which has never been an important amatory determinant for me set me to thinking about the fixations I do have.

Chest hair. You know I don't think I've ever slept with anybody who had much. Some guys were so smooth I wonder if they shaved their chests. Not that I met any of them in the nude or with their shirt off. I don't think I ever mentioned it when I had personal ads out.

Given my prejudices it isn't unlikely that I did tend to go with guys who did shave away their chest hairs. Of course they didn't look like they had an excess of testosterone.

Trying to short through memories of guys in movies and TV with their shirt off it seems like they were either smooth of only mildly hairy. Possibly some of them did have their chests manicured because the studios though an excess unseemly. You can never underestimate the nutty fears of folks in the entertainment business.

As actors have become increasingly muscular over the last twenty years I'm sure there must've been an increase in body shaving. The sculpted lines don't show up nearly so were under hair. Bodybuilders have subjected themselves to all sorts of tormentful wax treatments for that reason.

I was always glad to be moderately hairy. Seemed to please the guys I went with. More self-selection. And when I was young I did leave an extra button open as an advertisement. Even if that drove some boys away it was for the best. Better to not discover the disappointing truth at the worst moment.

So, lascivious gentle reader, do you care if a guy has chest hair? I don't mean the proto-werewolves with hair on their backs. Though I'm sure that is was pleases cubs most in their bear daddies.

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Hmmm - I don’t think I’ve actually ever been with a guy that didn’t have chest hair (I don’t MIND proto-werewolves =o) )

It’s all a matter of taste though - the thing that most attracts me in a guy is the masculinity I perceive in him - not necessarily the stereotype of masculinity, it’s rather a feeling I get - chest hair being a part of the package and NOTHING turns me off more than a guy that shaves it off.

But I do recognize that chest hair is important enough to smooth over a LOT of other flaws. An ugly guy with a hairy chest might even get more points in my book than a handsome smooth skinny guy.

Again - it’s a matter of taste

When I was writing this you were one of the folks that I was thinking of.

You’ve been blessed with a happy marriage which is what matters more than the incidentals that led up to it.

I don’t mind chest hair either way. sometimes it’s fun to run your fingers through it. smooth chests are equally sexy , i find.


The democratic open-minded approach is always best.

Can’t remember if I already said this but bitter woo is one of the saddest albeit finest weblog names I’ve seen.

You were doing fine till you got to “I don’t mean the proto-werewolves with hair on their backs.”

Speaking as a werewolfe, I’m covered front back and sides. I came that way and I’ve never attempted to shave it off, not even when I was a body builder.

And don’t ya know I like small men with little of no hair! I have asked models to shave off chest hair for photographs but never a boyfriend. I either like them the way they are or I don’t like them. I never try to change them into something the aren’t.

Lucky for me Asians are right up my alley and they LOVE big hairy men. It’s a matched set I tell ya.

But in the end none of that matters, My husband is soooo not my type. He’s as big as I am and 20 years my senior. But I wouldn’t trade him for all the boys in China.

I fell for his brains and personality. An RN and Head administrator at a State Psychiatric hospital and as a hobby just so his gray matter doesn’t rust he studies Astrophysics’ on the side.

In the end I picked brains over body and have never looked back.

“Proto-werewolves” was just an attempt to forestall what seemed like the most common clichéd response. I’ve known plenty of guys who thought the furrier the better.

You are a sane man and deserve all the happiness you are enjoying.

I love body hair. Firstly for me, it is a natural part of being male, and secondly I appreciate the contrast of the texture of hair against flesh and the colour of hair against the body. Some people think different - one of my friends has a fetish for totally shaven men and we have regular arguments about it. I just can’t see the point of so much regular depilatory effort.

I prefer smooth for aesthetic and practical reasons: the aesthetic being that it is easier to appreciate a fine body when one can actually see it, and the practical is that when my tongue goes exploring it doesn’t like coming back with protein strands all over it. Ptew! There’s also likely an association on some level of smooth=young=virile.


I’d hate to have to wax or shave myself.

But there’s no logic and no reason to argue: erotic preferences simply are.


I thought you’d prefer hairless for the aesthetic pleasure of being able to see definition, muscles. I suspect hairy bodies have been more associated with masculine power and smoothness with youth.

Not that there’s any abstract rhyme or reason to this.

I have no special preferences. Hm, I didn’t have any, but now, after years of living with a somewhat hairy guy, I find myself being slightly more attracted to non-smooth guys. I blame him! :)

Funny how love can make us more appreciative or desire what the beloved possesses. I suspect my own preferences are rooted in the guys who made me happiest when I was young.

I think chest hair (on a man) is incredibly sexy and vivifying. It makes me crazy. I can’t imagine having sex with a guy who either shaves his chest (ouch) or is naturally bare. It’s just not as much fun. Part of the allure is the feeling I get as I nuzzle his chest as I slowly move down to the other parts of his body. It’s masculine. It’s sexually potent. It’s rough and simply gorgeous. I love it, and having a hairy chest myself, I wouldn’t shave it off for any person on the planet. It feels too good to give up.

My two cents.

Cheers! Michael

I used to associate hair with masculinity, especially on the chest, and when I saw swimmers coming out of the pool, with a little chest hair, I thought it was sexy.

Then, when I grew older, I realized that chest hair don’t grow that way, the one who had nice chest hair “naturally” probably took a lot of pains cultivating it and manicuring it cos the ones who don’t have a jungle!

I prefer hairy dogs, but I prefer my men hairless. It’s ok if they are naturally hairy, they should just shave, or better still go for laser treatment and waxing.

It’s hard to be sexy with a hairy guy, it hurts when they rub themselves on you, since most natural hair is a little curly. And when the guys grow older, the hair becomes very tough and bristley, almost like a wire brush and it hurts.

Besides, some guys who don’t shower often have specks of lint from their clothes on their chest hair and some even food bits, that is what I really grosses me out.

In addition, the hair brings with it a weird sheepy smell. Even if I like the guy a lot, it still gets in the way, and it seems so discriminatory to mention it so I normally grin and bear it. Hair on men is not half has bad as hair on women. I have seen many women with hairy arms and legs, some even have hairy chests. It’s horrifying.

I generally like the smooth type or minimized hair or manicured hair type because if they are naturally hairless, it’s low maintenance and naturally hygienic and sensual, if they minimize it and shave it, it means though they are not born low-maintenance, they take a lot of care in personal hygiene and cleanliness and grooming, and in that sense even supercedes those who are naturally hairy.

Nothing is worst than the naturally hairy, curly, bristley, wiry sort who flaunt it and who don’t trim or shave or perfume it. It’s gross. As to the proto-werewolves, I think people should try to shave if they have hair on their backs if they are on dates, unless they have warned their partners so earlier because in the dark, when you are kissing during a movie and feel for his back, and you reach the fur, it could be a quite a frightening shock, like discovering a mouse in a burger.

Guys with hairless muscular legs in surf shorts are a real turn on though.

So far, I find smooth guys turn me on, and also blond guys cos their hair become a sort of down on their body. Puerto Ricans some have a little chest hair, that’s ok. Bears are not my thing. It scares the hell out of me, it almost feels as if you are dating a real bear. It’s horrifying.

Hair or no hair, it doesn’t matter, as long as the person is kind, generous, good, tender-hearted and loves. That’s the most important part.

I have a strong bias in favor of total smoothness. Having never slept with someone with more than a little chest hair I’ve never found out how I might feel about it. I’m sure I could live with it for the right guy.

I’m hairy front and back too, and have mixed feelings. For a while (when I could afford it, before going back to grad school), I had my back waxed and a Brazilian too every 6 weeks. The back hair just makes me self-conscious, though I’ve never had any complaints. But I love the totally-smooth feel below the belt! I don’t mind having that hair, but it’s a fun change of pace. And while it stings like hell at the time it’s being done, it’s over quickly and the results are great.

On a partner, I couldn’t care less. I love hair and bare equally; just like the rest, it’s part of the joy of variety!

Although I used to associate chest hair with masculinity, I have been shaving my own chest for about 15 years. I like the way my chest feels and looks when it is freshly shaved. I am in good shape, and think that my body looks more muscular when it is smooth. I’m very turned on by guys who have hairy forearms or facial hair, and think that these hairy body parts contrast nicely with a smooth chest. If the media is any indication, chest hair is on its way out—maybe permanently. When we’re constantly shown images of smooth, sexy men, we adjust our attractions accordingly. Maybe that’s why I now find smooth men so damned sexy!

Totally depends on the guy! Although I’d steer clear away from the back hair thing. Yeuck.

Without a doubt, I love hairy men!

Hair, more than muscle, is what truly defines masculinity!

Bring on the bears and daddies — there’s a place for all tastes for everybody under the sun!

I’m a nudist and keen swimmer: and shave regularly nose to toes. I love the smooth look and feel! But each to his own. I do see more and more smoothies on the nude beach, both male and female. My theory is that we all identify either with bears or dolphins… and I’m distinctly a dolphin! BTW, if you shave your beard it is consistent to shave your pubes as they are both secondary sexual characteristics.

I’m with David above - I was horrified as a teen to discover the hair sprouting on legs - very heavy, forearms and upper arms. As soon as I got away to college and had some privacy I’d shave the whole mess every day. This continued for years, and as the chest and belly sprouted, that got dutifully mowed too - The time I lost doing this was at least an hour a day. Then when I got sexually active I’d have to shave before that too.I met someone in school with hairy forearms and smooth shaved torso and it really sent me wild - the contrast business is right on, David. more than several years later I saw him again with the same result.Now I’m doing it that way and I find that it really turns me on when someone starts gently playing with my arm hair and biceps as a form of foreplay. But that feeling of two smooth chests together is just incomparable. The legs - as long as it’s not gorilla city, hair is ok, the private area I prefer smooth. Having read this and other forums on the subject of body hair I’d have to say that the subject of hair removal on males is beginning to explode. There does seem to be a movement towards a more smooth ideal.A recent post on another forum shows a pic of a guy’s hairy arm he just waxed, and that site has nearly 5,000 hits in a short time!! From what I read the lazer business is far from perfect as a solution and costs a ton of money with uneven results.It also is apparent that the home machines for hair removal including home lazer are not effective at all and just a waste of money, and if you think us guys have problems with body hair, look at some of the other forums and read what the girls post about hairy stomach, chests, etc! It’s a revelation. Shaving the torso and upper arms daily only takes a few minutes. I thin out the legs once a week, and guess what? I found out accidentally that a battery powered sweater de-fuzzer (with the smaller grid) attached to a stick like a chinese backscratcher does wonders in getting rid of back fuzz - just use it on a flat surface only like the back so the rotary blade won’t eat you. I suppose that a norelco-type electric attached to a flat stick with duct-tape would do about as well. You need the rotary blade to catch hair growing in all directcions, like on the back, but you must use an in-line electric or preferrably a blade elsewhere to really get close. The schick double blade disposable is great and really gets you close. The remington electric in-line dual foil does wonders on the privates without eating flesh.

I’d say my type was/is “hairy side of average,” I’m not avid after the full-back-of-hair, but it’s not a bad thing either - at least, I like it better than smoothness. I’m one of those tall furry guys somebody mentioned that a lot of Asian guys chase, and oh boy, do they! Unfortunately I’ve tried a couple of times, but between the short stature, the soft skin and the lack of hair, my body tells me I’m with a child no matter how old my head knows the guy to be. Total instant limp turnoff. I think it’s the equation of hairiness with adult manhood/virility. A masculine bottom with a fuzzy chest and butt gets me hard in nanoseconds.

I pluck my total body and then use a epil cream this gives me great results also my wife does the same and our sex live is fantastic

Me = straight woman.

I also luuuuuuurve guys with hairy chests. Gets my motor running .

Straight guys with hairy chests a bonus, especially the bear types (though hope you gay guys won’t mind me appreciating the scenery, LOL).


I’m 24 years old. I have a mildly hairy stomach and a little hair inbetween my pecks. My ex of 6 years was the big hairy mechanic type. Literally. I wish I had a hairy chest like his.

At least then I would have the option to decide to keep or get rid of it. I would never get rid of it though.

Anyone know how to grow it?

Bring on the hairy muscle men. Oh Yeah!

I am a 34 y/o gay man with a mildly hairy stomach, hairy dick and balls, arms and legs but my chest is smooth. I want a hairy chest just like my life partner. I find hairy men to e a big turn on.

I love hairy men, hairy chest…um… hairy balls…hairy butter.. love it all.

Personally, I think the trend toward body hair removal stems from the oh-so-human desire to deny that we are part of the animal kingdom! I have no particular prejudice against naturally smooth men, but I do have a problem with anyone who tries to transform their body into something it isn’t. Embrace the body that nature gave you, and if someone doesn’t want you because you have too much or too little body hair, then the hell with ‘em!

me personally i love guys with a hairy chest and happytrail i even love a guy with a thick bush. i think it is hot and i hate when guys shave or trim it turns me off. i know its the most popular trend in todays world but i wish i can find a man who fite my description

I shave all of my uper body every day, chest, armpits etc; it feels good and looks good, it seems very popular at the moment. To all the bears….good for you and keep it, but seems like the present trend is for smoothness…..I love it and my man does too!

I LOVE hairy chests (on guys ).

Works for me .

I love hairy chest’s. Of course therre’s not a padron for it, it’s all about the context… I mean, the face (cute), the proprtions of the body, the roughr but yet sweet factor… in resume: i don’t mind a chest hair AT ALL…


Smooth is the only way to go. I went so far as to have laser treatments to remove my fur. I love the feel, and so does my lover. He is naturally smooth (lucky guy).

I just love hairy men, the more hair a guy has the better I always say

I´m a 26 year old female, and I say guys with hair rock. I love men who have hairy chests, hairy balls and a thick hairy bush. I pant for dark haired men, I think the hair on their bodies shows up so much better.

I like nothing more than sifting my hands through crisp pubic curls then reaching behind to capture an equally hairy sculpted buttock. Shaved guys even when they have muscles just don´t do it for me, they always remind me of little boys even if their hung like a horse. Hair and masculinity just go together and make me hot.

Curiously though, whenever I make love to a woman, she has to have a shaved bush, legs and armpits. Hair on a woman for me is a major turnoff, I honestly can´t bring myself to sleep with a woman with body hair, I wonder why that is?

Body hair…..I hate it. But it’s a matter of personal taste isn’t it? There is nothing sexier than a smooth man in my opinion. e-mail me your thoughts and /or pics to receive mine. Cheers

For me, it totally depends on the individual’s tastes. My workout partner talked me into shaving my chest about 5 years ago to see how it looked. His chest was naturally smooth. We both agreed that it was a better look for me because of my muscle tone as well as the patchiness of my chest hair. It has been regularly shaved ever since.

On the other hand, there are other guys that I know that simply look better with a hairy chest. As for the feel, smooth or hairy, I love them both.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Men: hairy or smooth?.

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