Most Fun Things to Do With Another Person's Body

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Popular media conveys an often pathetic image of heterosexual men: their erotic capacity is brief, narrow and vanishes on orgasm.

Given how ungifted most people are at most anything it is possible that most of them do feel foreplay is a drag, fourteen seconds of friction is sufficient and after that it is time to watch television.

I’ve known a few (thankfully only a few) similarly dull gay guys.

This afternoon I was thinking about the pre-orgasmic pleasures I enjoy most. While I don’t think there’s a spot on another’s body that isn’t fun it wasn’t hard for me to discern my own favorite spots.

Kissing. Yeah, huge surprise. But if there’s anything that justifies the wear and tear of life it is another’s lips (eyes, ears, neck … ). Is there a tender act of more unalloyed delight?

Nibbling nipples. Or is it nibbling earlobes. I guess I’d have to give nipples a slight advantage. And confess a preference for those who don’t mind, preferably enjoy having their nipples chewed.

Rubbing that special spot stretching down from the lower back. There’s nothing more arousing than watching someone ripple with their own arousal as my fingers flicker across or massage them there.

My list is pretty conventional I guess. I’m sure others have more singular catalogs of favorite body spaces to touch and taste.


I had a boyfriend once who seemed completely lacking in sensuality. It was a disaster. It made me think, and I wonder if there is something about how men are brought up. A lot of what is called ‘masculinity’ seems to be about mastery over the body, control (over self, and others), which may make it difficult for some men to just give in to that kind of sensual pleasure.

Women, on the other hand, have to be somewhat attuned to our bodies, since we have regular cycles that affect us in a whole slew of physical ways.

Hard for me to really know how much the clichés about the average heterosexual male are true.

None of my good straight male friends are like that. But then they wouldn’t be.

But mass media and popular culture portray them as an asensual lot. Seems silly to spend to much time and energy to pursue sex and make so little of it.

I tend to think my masculinity as reflecting what I absorbed from my Momma patience, tenderness, care.

I saw the film “Strange Days” about 8 years or so ago and it was a Hollywood (I think) sci-fi about headsets which can record human experience.

This one guy demos a recording on someone and the guy gets all extatic while the experience is being played back. When the sequence ends, we find out what the man was experiencing - what a girl feels taking a shower ;)

Another example from pop culture is a Robbie Williams song, with the chorus “I don’t wanna rock, DJ” (I don’t know the name). One line is “The guys are getting high and the girls even more so”. Well, it rhymes with “torso” shrugs

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Most Fun Things to Do With Another Person's Body
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