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Nothing special to report since Alex’s return.

Mostly we hold and caress one another. The simple bliss of this puts to sleep the emotional confusion I’ve felt since Charles died.

Alex hasn’t been en femme as often as I’d expected. Not a criticism. Just surprise. One of the things I hope I give her is the chance to realize herself: whatever that may mean at any given moment.

She did try on the spacey silver boots that I bought her for Christmas. Love seeing her in boots.

We’ve continued to watch movies.

Hoping to learn about Shibari we watched The Bondage Master. It was an agreeable, slightly funny, somewhat sentimental Japanese crime drama. But not instructive.

House of 1,000 Corpses was tonight’s movie. Too flashy to have the crude potency of Rob Zombie’s models. And the end wasn’t satisfying: too little surprise, no dramatic flourish. But it was an entertaining ninety minutes.

I’m just glad to have her back, nothing special is really needed.


It’s mostly been so cold that most of my clothes left me uncomfortable since they are mainly summer wear. We used to have the heating on to make our own summer but from what you said about heating prices going up I figured we were trying to save money, hence the jumper wearing.

We need to get the zip on my purple slacks fixed. I wanted to wear them but it’s jammed. I’ll see if there’s anything I can dig out which is pretty but warm.

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