My Foot Fetish

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Really there needs to be a bit of psychiatric jargon for healthily atypical sexuality.

My last couple of entries was an attempt to write a note about my foot fetish. I decided to let my digressive prefatory matter stand as entries on their own.

I don’t know if there’d always been an incipient foot fancier lurking within me or it was just Alex who created the appetite. For now I strike it up as an example of my sexuality adapting of it’s own accord.

Though I’d known Alex for some years I had no idea how strongly she eroticizes her feet. Once we started chatting online that became clear. So clear I was feeling a connection with her feet before we ever met.

I’ve kissed feet and toes before but with no more special passion than other areas of a lover’s body.

I’ve kissed Alex’s often, licked them, yes, even between the toes. Rub my cheeks across and fondle them. She enjoys this so much I become almost drunk with responsive delight.

Massaging her feet is almost dumbfounding (but wondrous).

Whether the pressure is heavy or gentle her ecstatic writhing is like a series of multiple orgasms. I always run out of strength before she’s satiated.

I’m happy to have this special fetish that gives her so much pleasure.


I am a foot fetishist as well, I absolutely love toe sucking and foot worship.

I love to kneel naked in front of my fully clothed lover (male or female) and rest one foot on my erect cock and take the other to my mouth. Kissing the soles, biting down on the heel, sucking each toe and licking in between them. Then I take the other foot and hungrily lap all of my precum off of the other foot.

I give pedicures, foot massage, and reflexology. I honestly believe that a person’s feet is the door to the soul because they bear the burden of the journey.

After meeting him on the internet and having him pass the myriad of sanity tests, I finally found someone to live out my impulses with.

Italian American, dirty yet elegant, masculine but purrs like a pussycat. He has luxurious loins, the type of cock that cocksuckers’ pray for. 10 olive-hued inches of veiny perfection and creamy, muscular inner-thighs to match.

Like a rodeo trickster, I straddled him in reverse. I felt his swollen, wet cockhead slide against my shaven, sensitive perineum.

My hips gyrate as I glide my hands down his brunette legs. It been awhile, So I wrap my hands around his feet as he presses his blessing into my near-cherry bottom. My grip tightens bracing myself for the sharp pain that comes with stretching. I remember to breathe, relax, and lean against his living tower.

After a few moments of resistance, I feel his erection slide deep into me. Kissing his Thick Ham-like calves, I begin to rise and fall, stroking his stiffened nature with my primitive rhythm.

My slender, long torso has blessed me with the reach to lay my lips upon the top his ivory feet. Hungrily, I suck, lick, and grip his ankles as I grind harder against him.

In & out, In & out, In & out…I feel possessed by the the intercourse. His strong hands grips my plump ass and slaps it ritualistically as I pump harder and harder fiendishly.

As I feel his white, hot pearls deposit inside of me, I find his 10 1/2 foot in my mouth. My tongue licking between each of his toes. My strong suction leaves them bone-dry as I moved on to the next foot.

The warm doplets of his seed run slowly down the underside of my raging hard-on…


Not much else I can say but congratulations.

After his arrival, I poured him a chilled glass of sparkling grape juice and directed him to have a seat in the comfy recliner where my personal porcaline basin sat steaming.

After a few moments in the bathroom, I returned naked with a bowl of my special foot scrub (a gritty mix of raw brown suagr, sea salt. lemon juice, and Mango Shea butter). He started to undress, but I told him to stay dressed while I served him. I removed his shoes and socks, rolled his pant legs up, and delicately dipped his feet into the soapy hot water. After washing, rinsing, and drying each foot, I began to apply the sweet smelling scrub to his size 10.5 feet. I firmly massaged the coarse mixture, deeply exfoliating his soles, toes and ankles until they were pink and soft like rose petals.

Placing his perfect, clean feet on my naked thighs, I began to pour the carbonated juice over his toes and ankles. As the juice fizzled down his reddened feet I attempted to lap up every drop of Welch’s nectur. He moans, telling me the carbonation feels good between his toes as I sucked and kissed them in pure worship.

After I cleaned his feet, ankles, and legs with my tongue, I then, slowly undressed him and ushered him into the Jacuzzi, where I bathed him completely.

At first, he attempted to kiss me, touch my throbbing cock, or carress my body; but I continually reminded him that this session isn’t sexual its servitude.

Your feelings?

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