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That the lyrics of Marc Almond’s My Love are powerfully erotic may sum up much of the dark side of my sexuality.

My love
Wakes up on vodka
Beds down on valium
Snorts coke off the floor
My love
Looks beautifully wasted
And that’s what I adore

My love
Sleeps like an angel
Dreams like a devil
On sheets of velour
My love
Is a walking disaster
And that’s
Oh yes that’s
What I adore


I was a bit unsure if its worthwhile to post this, but eh, I figure no harm will be done :P .

There a couple songs of heavy metal groups were the band uses a very dark view to speak about love. One of the songs by Children of Bodom is like that, “Angel of Death”. Of course, much darker than the song you posted, they play metal after all. The phrase that catches me, is “I’d crawl through broken glass to you/Your name is written in my very flesh/With the knife I still am longing to use”

I wouldnt write someone’s name in my skin like that, obviously, but the whole thing seens so romantic to me. It has an appeal to me not because of what they suggest, but because the images that they call upon have a large amount of passion with them.

Sure, I understand the appeal of the lyrics easily.

Almond’s lyrics refer to an earlier time that was beginning to fade as I came out.

There was much fatality about love among queer men. And an acceptance that the search for an erotic ideal would involve us in the lives of damaged and demented boys. A blur of sexual and chemical intoxication that would always end in tears.

I was never fool enough to think it healthy but foolish enough to know the horrifying beauty of it.

As in some many things Wilde partly prefigured it in his love for the damnable Lord Alfred Douglas.

Sex, Life & Death is connected…Sex is one of the supreme methods we use to devour each other. My sex chews, swallows, and digests my lover(s). So its no surprise that people make a conection between love and darkness.

Considering the feasting that takes place at its purist form, its a beautfully catastrophic exchange of power and life, which is the essence of death…

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about My Love.

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