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Another ancient page, my first simply description of beauty I find in what I called 'soft boys.' My Live Journal has seen thousands of words about nelly gay guys, probably wearying a few longtime readers ("Richard's on that again"). This page earned a surprisingly large number of indignant IMs from gay men. How they asked or demanded could I like flaming fairies? (Now there's a book about it: Sissyphobia.) But even more fey and androgynous gay guys wrote with thankfully that a gay man had expressed his delight in their pixie-dust trailing ways. I shouldn't forget the creepy contigent who wanted to know what turned me on about guys in girls' panties (a taste I don't share). And the butch-acting masochists who wanted me to feminize them.

One day I hope I'll finally write the evolution of this facet of my sexuality and a more fitting tribute to the gay androgyne.

Some people sure do get upset when they read these pages. There's nothing less masculine than worrying about your masculinity. If that I've spent time with swishy guys bothers you go away. I'm not asking you to hold your wrist limp. I'm telling you about my past.

Call them nelly queens, nancyboys, janegirls or anything but fags, soft males fill me with a beautiful elation. Although they may be bossy or bitchy their tender surface gives me an illusion of protectiveness.

Actually many of the ones I've know have more steel, audacity and gall in them than I ever will.

Because it was wanted of me I evolved into a gay 'top.' My inclinations are much more versatile as the personal ads put it. But sometimes the only thing to do is what your partner or playmate wants you to do.

Long ago I role-played, opening a shirt button or two to make my chest hair visible, dropping my voice a little lower. Sex makes us do silly things, doesn't it?

As much as I like them I'm wondering if I shouldn't try spending time with somebody more masculine just to see if that works out better.

You can see what I think of on my Being Gay page.

A page that was replaced more than a few; eventually I wrote a short page about the Straight Acting website.

(In April I made another attempt: Nelly gay guys (and the history of my love for them)


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Soft boys rock. I’m a fairly average gay guy, neither “straight-acting” nor effeminate, and over the past ten years or so I have developed a rabid appetite for androgynous men. I’m not sure why - probably because I feel very androgynous myself in my heart, though my exterior doesn’t express it. Sadly, this type of guy doesn’t seem to be attracted to me - either I’m not butch enough, or not “fabulous” enough. C’est la vive. Nevertheless, I just wanted to put in a positive comment to say, “long live the nancyboys!”

Sorry for taking so long to respond..

Probably most androgynous gay men do want strongly masculine men (since that is what most gay men want). Or fabulous fancyboys.

But I know that plenty of them mostly want somebody who doesn’t mind their femininity. Not the club kittens but many of the kind of gays who don’t go to bars.

I recently wrote a series of entries about my on and off use of personal ads over the years to meet guys. When I did it about three years ago I was surpried by how many nelly guys emailed me to express pleasure that there was at least one guy who liked them and didn’t think them freaks.

Maybe your Yahoo club will help with that.

I am a very skinny, bent wrist gay. I am so feminine, i shun guys’ magazines.

Somehow I get the impression that you are making fun of feminine gay men.

Being a femme boy, i get all the girls AND boys that i want. and i love it. thank god i’m a twig with long eyelashes!

i have a question! is there such thing as a str8 guy like a a femme boi but still likes girls

I’ve heard from a few heterosexual feminine men over the years.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Nancyboys, Soft Boys, Sissyphobia.

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