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I've been exchanging emails with an old friend about details of clothing, flourishes, minor fetishes that are sexually arousing.

My friend has a passion for certain kinds of footwear. I've never given much thought to shoes and such. I like boots on feminine people. The old 60s miniskirt with go-go boots ala Nancy Sinatra has never failed to be a fond recollection. Stiletto heels are undeniably sexy but my main reaction to a woman or transvestite in heels is damn that sure looks uncomfortable.

Nancy Sinatra Boots

Curious to see how much of my friend's enthusiasm I flipped through a few of the "good girl" and fetish books we carry in my shop. Remembering a web page I once saw that featured boots and such from old movies and TV shows I searched for "retro boots." Never found the site.

There were plenty of sites selling boots. Some of them quite disgusting: Hell Kitty boots? Well, Hello Kitty anything.

A couple of the sites I visited sold costumes as well. So I browsed, finding some of the stereotypes appealing. Why a girl in a yacht captain's cap grabs me I can't say. I always liked the cowgirl look until pop stars made it too common. There were plenty of amusing old stereotypes that I guess get resurrected for Halloween.

Looking at the shoes and costumes I found myself powerfully aroused. Not horny, no erection. But so erotically overcome I felt like I were drunk. So overcome that I forced myself to start processing our ecommerce orders to try to get a grip on my mood.

Entering sixteen digit credit card numbers seemed quite a challenge for a time. Finally I returned to my usual borderline norm between stolidity and whimsicality.

I'm baffled by the mood. It was ecstatic, erotic but I didn't feel like I needed to have sex or run to the bathroom and get myself off.

If I weren't an atheist I'd probably have decided I'd had a face-to-face with the Almight.


Ooh, who’s your friend? i’m a total boot connoisseur!

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