Online personal ads & expectations

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My reply to someone who’d written a personal ad and was wondering if he should continue with it.

It worked well enough for me: meeting people for meaningless (but satisfactory) bonking, meeting some decent folks that even though nothing special came of it were interesting enough to meet. And, of course, getting into an all caps RELATIONSHIP, which admittedly my highest goal.

I spent quite a bit of time working it up and getting it going. After that it mostly ran itself. But if I have anything it is a sardonic awareness of how people project their wishes, cannot understand what they've read, in fine, most people's empathetic and interpretive powers are damned slim.

Replying can be a bit of chore but most people got a succinct: we don't have enough in common to sustain a conversation. The better folks got a more developed explanation that was often fun to write.

Your feelings?

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Online personal ads & expectations
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