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Pansexual serviceably if colorlessly defined in a dictionary:

Pansexual: Relating to, having, or open to sexual activity of many kinds

I was doing one of those vain Google searches, looking up pansexual to see how early in the listings Pansexual Sodomite would show up (2nd & 3rd). A couple of sites defining pansexual seduced my attention. They said nothing interesting, one sure looked like a garbled swipe from me.

Pansexual, having scarcely escaped from the status of a nonce word is still uncommon enough that I've often been asked to define it (and defend using the label). Sometimes the explanation doesn't take.

Schoolmarmishly: Pan means "all" or "everything." My own sense of its nuance is encompassing or embracing as in pantheism. So, stick -sexuality in back and you have encompassing sexuality. Outside of botany it isn't a technical word, doesn't have a precise definition.

My own feeling is that most people who call themselves pansexual are really bisexual. Perhaps the term bisexual has unhappy associations or they just are trying to seem special. But their sexual responses to males and females seem commonplace. And I have my doubts about the transvestite admirers. Some men can't admit their lust for a cock without it being hidden under a skirt. And others want crossdressers to be 'real' women in a sordid way. (And too many encourage the latter for my sympathy not to be blunted. There's nothing wrong with being a sex toy but be sure you don't play that game with a man who doesn't know he's playing.)

Of course I don't think I'm like that. I'm a polite fellah from Savannah, GA.

It was a very long time after I lived with a woman that I ever thought of myself as bisexual. My image of myself as a gay man was strong, still is which is why this weblog is called Pansexual Sodomite. Sounds like a contradiction? Doesn't feel like it inside this skull.

It wasn't until my dormant sexuality returned to life that I ever called myself bisexual. Even though I found women lustworthy I'd always thought of the one woman as an aberration. (And so it looks like it will prove to be.)

In fairly quick succession I realized that crossdressers in their various ways could be attractive. Equally, transsexuals at each stage of their transformation (and while it is only honorable to see a post-op transsexual as a woman she has a range of experience no born female ever can). And intersexuality may be biologically atypical it is impossible to imagine sexual prejudice against an intersexual person.

There isn't a style of ambiguously gendered self-presentation that is erotically unappealing. (Well, wanting to look like a middle-class hausfrau is aesthetically objectionable which to be honest isn't sexy.)

My own sexuality is mostly responsive (my momma raised an accommodating boy). I do prefer to be aggressive (or at least I've always been drawn to people who want aggression: hard to know cause from effect). But whether expressed as tenderness or deviant carnality mostly depended on the needs of the person I was fucking (inelegant but to the point).

Happily embracing many gradations of gender, enjoying most possibilities I can fairly call my sexuality encompassing: pansexual.

I've said enough of this before. This is a reference post I can refer people to.

I've written of my pansexuality many times : Why I call myself pansexual, Pansexuals, S&M, B&D, D/s . . . ?, Labels: fauxmosexual, pansexual, metrosexual, Metrosexual, Pansexual, Bisexual, Omnisexual?, Sexualities: Pansexual, Pansexual masturbation.


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great site we need more like it

Oh my! That’s like, exactly what I was looking for. Because on this site you had to choose your sexual preference and I was like I’m bisexual, what’s pansexual? thanks! :) -Skyla

Oh my! That’s like, exactly what I was looking for. Because on this site you had to choose your sexual preference and I was like I’m bisexual, what’s pansexual? thanks! :) -Skyla

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