Pansexual : Affectional & Sexual Orientation

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A few years ago I expressed reservations - typical Ricardian fussiness - about people who were calling themselves pansexual:

My own feeling is that most people who call themselves pansexual are really bisexual. Perhaps the term bisexual has unhappy associations or they just are trying to seem special. But their sexual responses to males and females seem commonplace.

But I’m not finicky about Eileen:

The next morning in a class on male bisexuality Jefferson asked the class for a show of hands of people who identified as bisexual. I started to put my hand up, and stopped. I was thinking about the night before.

I didn’t want that space divided by gender. The “bi” in “bisexual” wouldn’t touch even half the people that stood in that circle. Do I use language for what I am or what I do? And are they different, in the end?


(It is interesting to see that the silly Wikipedia has caught up with me.)

Old notes about pansexuality : Why I call myself pansexual, Pansexuals, S&M, B&D, D/s … ?, Labels: fauxmosexual, pansexual, metrosexual, Metrosexual, Pansexual, Bisexual, Omnisexual?, Sexualities: Pansexual, Pansexual masturbation.

And a peculiar coinage of my own:

Androgynosexual, Androgynophillia

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Pansexual : Affectional & Sexual Orientation.

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Pansexual : Affectional & Sexual Orientation
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