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Not having anything to say I note the frequent Google searches for the word ‘pansexual.’ I thought I’d post a pointer for my most serious effort to date to define pansexual: pansexual.

Not knowing what you folks who’ve been Googling for sodomite want I can’t offer any ready help. There’s lots about happy sodomy in the archives (although not necessarily using either word).

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Hi Richard, I hope this doesn’t come across as violating any of those several requests about what not to post etc. I sincerely would like your thoughts on why every single member (that I’ve observed) from the gay and lesbian (and friends). community is on the “destroy the blatantly heterosexual white boy born with all the breaks and no brains bring down George Bush Campaign?” I think you might agree that in every situation where an entire group of related people so unanimously lack a different opinion.. in such a case, there must be some truth or at least a bit of honesty being shoved under the napkin to support such an unrealistically unified consumption of one perspective? I’m not sure why anyone would comprehend it intelligent, wise or especially kind to put one down for their intelligence, or spelling, or pronunciation or whatever tell-tails many seem to focus on for evidence of how stupid our president is. … Intelligence aside, I believe that George Bush possesses a very high degree of loyalty, commitment and balls. I’m not sure some of these qualities shouldn’t count as much or more sometimes. I also feel that President Bush has a damn good head on his shoulders. If you place me as unintelligent for this view on Bush, then I imagine only those in your community will once again share your opinion. Thanks for listening and for any thoughts you may have in response. Dave

Your feelings?

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Pansexual Sodomite
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Pansexual: my definition
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