Pansexual sodomy in the news

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Here I've been tardy in writing about assorted sodomitical issues and I discover that Pansexual Sodomite got a passing reference in the Mail & Guardian:

For more adult territory of the 'is it fictional homemade porn or genuine descriptions of activities', be warned and slide into Rentboy Diaries. Or to slip into the ambiguous world of nonstandard sexual habits (as if there are any 'standard' habits to start with) try Pansexual Sodomite. And to show how intensely personal some blogs can get, read Stories I Shouldn't Tell.

I guess writing about a male girlfriend rates as nonstandard sexuality. I've got a load of that. But all the normal stuff as well. That is what pansexual means. Actually I'm a pansexual switch but that is different issue documented elsewhere. (No, I won't give you the URL.)

All entries are guaranteed genuine. Who wants to document the two times his lover almost died from drug overdoses? Or the agony of finally breaking up with him when he became a crack addict.

Well, I guess this is my fifteen microseconds of fame. Now if I could only get some money out of it.

Coming soon a note about the smell of semen. I promise.

Found on Rentboy Diaries. We have something a bit in common. Read Peddling flesh in Atlanta.


Richard, I just read about peddling flesh in Atlanta. As some Brit author wrote: “We all find ourselves at one time or another running a brothel in Amsterdam without the proper qualifications.” I’m your fan now - nothing more articulate to say at this point. Will put up a proper sidebar link to you pronto!

Hmmm, the smell of semen…. There’s some sort of nasty tree or bush that blooms around now all over Duke’s campus, particularly between the chapel and the West Campus traffic circle. The smell is a nauseating combination of jism and Comet. I find the smell of jism and Comet separately fine, but someone should cut those trees down for pulpwood.

Damn, I don’t think this post is pansexual enough.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Pansexual sodomy in the news.

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Pansexual sodomy in the news
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