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Well, not really, please.

When I was younger nice boys didn't want to be peed on. Really I didn't know many of those, bad boys didn't ask for it either. From casual conversations and remarks here and there either they were just shy or there's been a shift in the erotic value of urine.

I understand the role of piss play in BDSM. If I had a slave and knew that it was his heart's desire I'd buy a six-pack or make a big pot of coffee.

But if someone vanilla said "I'd love to have your piss wash over me" I'd be taken aback. (There was one guy I was seeing who expressed a hope that we might try that but our days together were too few for me to see how I'd feel about it in the flesh.)

That vanilla gay guys like giving or receiving piss is another notch in my education into the inexhaustible variety of sexuality.

What is the charm?

I guess pissing is the first thing we see a penis do. We know it long before we discover the yummy white stuff that spurts out in the final seconds.

And at public urinals that golden shower is the first thing we see coming from another guys' cock. Is it just association?


“I understand the role of piss play in BDSM. If I had a slave and knew that it was his heartís desire Iíd buy a six-pack or make a big pot of coffee.”

I find that comment interesting. I participate in a variety of BDSM related activity, but for the most part consider most of what I do to be just good sex, and being peed on is just a part of that. There is nothing like a hot stream of pee to get me going and I don’t always find anything submissive about it. It’s just a part of sex for me and I often have it when just having sex and nothing BDSM related. Of course, this view is coming from a bisexual female currently involved with two males, so perhaps my perception is not what you were looking for? grin But I did find it interesting that you associated it with a Dominant/submissive relationship only.

Watersports are more interesting in theory than practice. If I squint I can see the attraction, but the smell…the mess…the cleanup…the smell…no, in practice it doesn’t do anything for me.


While I tend to reference what I post within the framework of gay men comments from everybody are welcome. Some of my favorite readers are straight and gay women. It is an intentional limitation to try to minimize my generalizations to the group of people whose sexuality I know best.

Yeah, I can appreciate piss play in terms of humiliation (and am responsive to both sides). But without a degradation context it just draws a blank with me. A blind spot to be sure but even pansexual switches have them.


On the receiving end all I can think of is hot stink splashing over me. Nor does the idea of doing it to someone arouse me a particle. In a vanilla context anyway.

Richard, I just found the post fascinating because so many people tend to consider piss play to be “extreme” and I don’t. Also, many people equate it with humiliation during BDSM type play. I was interested in another person’s point of view and found yours :) although I am not a gay man (obviously! LOL! but my brother is and I’ll have to remember to ask him his opinion too, but I digress and ramble now) I felt comfortable posting a comment here :) During what we consider “plain sex” and my orgasms, I either just have an orgasm, a female ejaculation or at times I pee and spray it all over him (and me). This is caused by the orgasm itself and as he is the dominant in our relationship there is no humiliation involved and he says that he enjoys it because of the total abandon feel to it. In other words, I enjoyed the sex so much that I lost control and let go of everything and we both enjoy the warmth and such. Of course that’s a sex thing and not a golden showers thing. He and I like it just for what it feels like in addition to a humiliation thing. Just being peed on for no reason other than it feels good for example is just part of sex, but if I were made to kneel beside a public toilet and receive whoever’s piss, then that would be humiliation play. For me anyways. I realize that may be a fine line, but one I recognize in my world. LOL! I’ve been a comment hog and I apologize, but I really am fascinated by other’s opinions and thoughts! And I have been having a lovely time exploring your site! I keep finding neat things all over the place!

If I were to create a blog that was about my submissive component’s fantasy life that would be extreme.

Losing control of your bladder from an orgasm sounds mighty nice: tremendous pleasure and very flattering to your partner.

My idea was to invite comments. Never worry about being a comment whore. Comments like yours help make up for the really homophobic and stupid comments some folks leave.

My girlfriend and I pee together before we have sex. We cuddle and kiss and just let the juices flow. It is very hot and erotic for us. We just light candles ( scented ) and have a plastic sheet down under the sheets. She loves the stream to hit her clit and it gets us both very hot. I am sure it is not for everybody but we just tried it…loved it..just do it every once in a while. Drinks lots of water before…really limits the smell..its warm, wet and fun. Like I said..not for everyone but works for us.

I really love watersports but generally find that pee gets stronger as the ‘Pee-er” gets older. But hey.. what the heck! I love to lie down and with my girlfriend squatting over me give her lots of oral and ‘rim’ her well. Then after a few minutes she pulls away, (she can’t pee whilst I am licking her), and moments later starts to pee.. as hard as she can…and I drink every drop and lick her dry! No need for rubber sheets when we are on the go. After this we have the best sex ever!!



Probably best to stick to my three sexual rules:

  1. no pain
  2. no blood
  3. no bad smells

Sex is most fun when these simple rules are adhered to.


I have a regular dream about having a woman pee over my testicles, don’t know why, don’t expect it will ever happen but it is a regular thought process of mine

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Pee on me.

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