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The cylinder-shaped external male sexual organ, used for copulation (sexual intercourse).
- Jackinworld
cock dick gashnaz jammy johnson junk knob love stick one-eyed trouser mouser purple-headed warrior schlong tellywhacker wang willie yammy"
- Sickboy's Slang

I tried's thesaurus. Penis got irrelevant answers like famous. Phallus at least got foolish. needs a sex ed. class, it didn't know about penises.

The Almighty Phallus

There are plenty of guys who think it is God's gift to women and fags. Certainly 53-year-old Jim here in Durham does. When I was single, looking and Yahooing (most the gay dating sites have appeared within the last couple of years) he'd insistently IM me (and probably everybody else listed under Gay Male in RTP).

Penis Game

Jim's messages were models of concision: "Look at my profile and let me know if you're interested." His profile was a cheerless photo of a semi-erect penis stretched across a Microsoft Internet Keyboard. He made me think of one of the first responses I got from my first personal ad: "I like oral, man, woman or child." Some of the horny guys who leave comments on my weblogs should have such clarity.

Early I wrote how my late awareness of my woman loving side led me to an abstracted fascination with the variegated female breast.

I forgot about nature's considerable inventivenesss in penis construction.

Short, long, thin, fat, men with Peyronie's Disease. And foreskin. I remember chatting on with a 23 year old I was thinking seriously about meeting despite my wariness of someone that young. He was scanning my old web site as we chatted. With fervor he suddenly typed Oh! Wow! You're uncircumcised! While you want to be pleasing, there is a preferred sequence. So we never met. Thinking back I think his enthusiasm was innocent. I'll never completely win the battle against my judgmental side.

I did put that in the physical description under my photos. But I'd been thinking sparing those guys who'd be repelled by it than adding to my virtual personal magnetism.

I'd never given cut/uncut any thought. Pushed to the mat I'd admit a nearly undetectable preference for the latter. If I were shopping for Penises at Porno-Wal-Mart I'd go for the aerodynamic look. Though I think most guys I like admire most something akin to a knotty oak.

Penis Erasers

I'll have to own that I think small ones are cute. Confronted with something of the John Holmes' magnitude I'm not sure that I'd know how to cope with it but I'd give it the old college try. Back during my short stint as male madam in West Hollywood when a boy who told me had no use for his (now, there's a bottom) aroused me violently. But that is my own permutation of the perverse. And I've always enjoyed mustering all the talent and attentiveness when faced with an urgent cock.

Like Jim above, some men's only online representation of themselves is a penis pic. That handily lets you know that you aren't interested in it or any other part of him.

In just looking at people and things I like most things. Some folks are rivetingly ordinary in how they embody a cliché. Ugliness can mesmerize. And I do think there really are people so 'ugly they are appealing.'

Penis Fear

All that damned penis spam. Everybody gets it, the leaders of the Russian Senate probably have to delete it everyday. How many people buy those hydraulic pumps, magic pills or books on 'natural techniques?' I'd really like to know how many people pay for phalloplasty. There are plenty of surgeons performing it. A few work with ftm transsexuals but most prey on insecure genetic males. I kind of wish I'd met someone who had it when I was younger: you have to wonder what it does to the texture of the penis. Probably like shoving a tube of toothpaste in your mouth.

Proof that many men do worry about the size of their penis. I'll admit that - there's no possible way to say this without sounding, um, something or another - if mine were subnormal it would've bothered me. But my limited statistical research didn't show me anyone who was apt to get laughed out of bed.

Penis size is in the eye of the beholder. Lots of these guys are likely perfectly normal. Their mind's eye sees inadequacy. Body Dismorphic Disorder the shrinks call it. Or maybe they think it'll make them more desirable. I guess it will in the eyes of size queens.

9" or better isn't an unusual request - demand? - in gay personal ads. Gay men are exceptionally susceptible to masculine imagery. I never saw mention of it in ads from women. The few women who've shared their feelings with me just care that it works. Probably women who like big cocks don't want to admit the desire for fear of feeling sluttish.

I thought I'd see what I could find on Google. According to Penis size: Survey of female perceptions of sexual satisfaction conducted at University of Texas-Pan American:

Women reported that penis width was more important for their sexual satisfaction than penis length.

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Those penis erasers kept coming into my mind at all the wrong moments today.

And I kind of liked it……

Actually, never in my life have I heard of a female friend of mine whine about a guy’s endowment. On the contrary, a supernatural size is far from erotic due to the fact that it might turn out feeling like abortion instead of sex! Performance? Oh yes it always is a girly gossip issue but not the penis size. Imagining he is Jeff Stryker II could mean something to a guy. But what’s the use when there are not many holes out there in the real world that he can fit in, anyway?

I have an 11” penis and I don’t think it is God’s gift to the world. I get angry and agitated because no one can do anything with it. It is just so big that only the tip of the head can fit into one’s mouth. It puts me in mind of Tom of Finland’s art. I hate it and wish it would shrivel up to be honest. To hell with giant penises. Daryl Rembisz - Dallas, TX

Years ago when I was in the escort trade I had the most stupendously hung man I’ve ever seen in real life. I couldn’t imagine anyone being able to do anything with it other than masturbate him. Seemed like a real loss to me.

I read a book called Queer Spirits and it said that the reason a man liked a bigger penis is that they accidently saw their dad’s penis as a child and it looked really large. So now they want someone like their father… Heh… Yeh…

It sounded hilarious, its like a psychiatrist who convinces all their patients that they were raped as a child.

I’m also uncircumsized. I don’t think thats a big deal anymore. Is it?

Shrinks say the silliest things.

Some people have very strong feelings about cut vs. uncut. Luckily in my case the only guys who expressed a preference were fans of the latter.

I want big penis with good width. Is there safety? What is the rate in Indian currency? Let me know all the details with proof

well, it’s alright for you - you say yourself you don’t have the problem… but let me tell you, my whole life changed when I realised my dick was not going to grow any more, and I went through years of feeling it was not big enough - even though it is lol; it’s average and beautiful and guys love the pics… but that doesn’t stop me still having to deal with those feelings. And I don’t really care what women say - they’re not the market lol.

I tried to write a story that had sex in it but it totally fell apart because I couldn’t think of another word for penis. I went desperately searching through prudish net thesauruses to no avail. Then I somehow ended up here. It didn’t help with my story but I still think this is a great site.

My thoughts on penises: I enjoy them but I’m glad I don’t have one. I think it would be darn scary to have all one’s sexual organs dangling outside one’s body where who knows what could happen to them. Oh and size really really doesn’t matter.

Somehow I think the fancier you get with synonyms for genitalia the sillier it sounds.


I agree. But I HATE word-echo.

Cheers Jen :)

As in a prevoius post of mine I cant help but wonder why few if any realize that a man’s masculinity is mote important than size. A big one is nice for ripping open a tight ass of someone you hate or choking one but a masculine man with a small 5’ dick is more desirable than a foot-long on a fem (but a foot-long IN a fem is great!) One fem with a big one was pissed when I wouldnt reciprocate after I’d fucked him up his ass and in his mouth and I told him to butch-up but he wasnt about to. I had also fucked a masculine versatile who had a small one who was mostly a bottom but I also sucked him off even though he wasnt interested in his own needs. He had erectile difficulty but he was masculine and entitled to at least an attempt to get him off. His cum tasted good too.

6’3”/155/55/divorced/great kids/haven’t been laid since divorce (9 years)/disabled (back,hips)/opiate therapy/ my pain doctor is hitting on me (I think) / in my early 20s I had 6 gay sex encounters / most were so so / but the last was cosmic / the doctor saved my life from decades of agony / I am totally dependent on his care / in a very real sense he owns me / I lust to submit to his passion (& his hard dick) / the opiates make maintaining an erection difficult and the desire to submit even more pressing (only way to orgasm) / he appears to be implicitly bi / the future of this relationship seems dangerous or cosmic or both / given our ages this smells like a last chance to become trully sexual & masculine / any thougts…guidance???

Don’t get me wrong, but circumsized is alot better….it’s cleaner and makes it appear bigger, some retard queers like my friend Chandler don’t agree….but i don’t care what he says he claimed he was gay then now he’s bi…..i wish he was just gay so i could have him to myself -.-…..I love you chandler :\ and size does matter…maybe it’s why i don’t want a sexual relationship with Chandler. he has a uncircumsized 4 incher :\ i like mine big :)

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Penis.

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Other Entries

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