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I’ve often wondered if I have a gift for complicating my life.

I’m deeply in love with a transsexual. Naturally my mind turns to cock.

Long, thin penises (one of my preferences), short stubby ones, flaccid, erect, wrapped in foreskin or cut.

I’d swear I’ve thought more about them in the last couple of months than in all the preceding years since I came out.

I guess it is one of the quirks of the pansexual nature to want it all. And when you don’t get one part to want that more.

I’m not worried.

This is more of a news report.

Given smooth legs and a nicely shaped butt I don’t think I’ll feel as if I’m lacking.

If I’d fallen in love with a studly jock I’d probably be thinking of a submissive crossdresser.


As I’ve noted earlier Alex isn’t a nelly flamer. At times I wish she were. Though you’d think my crazy prior lover might’ve cured me of that.

Alex’s femininity is very subtle.

That transgendered persons are submissive is a cliché. Transpeople come in all shadings and sorts.

Alex is most certainly not submissive.

funny, i was just thinking about penis too. someone wrote and said he found a dick on a girl disconcerting. and i agree. disconcerting and confusing feelings, for me, always signal the cusp of a revelation.

I’m not sure how many “girls with dicks” – transvestites and transsexuals – want it acknowledged. My impression has always been very few.

Am I shallow for cringing more at the poor spelling and grammar of your attacker than the content of his post?

I’m too lousy a proofreader myself to criticize anybody else.

I’m so used to being attacked for my primary erotic preference being femme guys that I hardly even notice their comments.

There’s is always going to be a part of human nature to want what we can’t have. Being bisexual with a girlfriend, I find myself craving for meat. Cock is a wonderful thing…yet pussy is the Door to Heaven, unfortunately polyamory is hard to come by…

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Phallocentric Cravings.

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