Pose, posture: the composition of sexual beauty

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Sunday I told my friend M. that I'd once mentioned a friend of his as the best looking gay guy in Durham, NC. That was to Charles on the day we met. Not knowing we'd be living together I had no idea what a mistake I made. This fellow lives near the house we bought. Often Charles will point and say "Oh look! That's where the best looking man in Durham lives!"

(However nice this guy's cheekbones, harmonious his facial features I imagine many gay men would register "queen" on their sex radar and their eyes would continue on to the next guy in view. But what else would you expect here? )

For me a big part of his sex appeal is how he holds and moves his body, he is graceful. OK he's also effeminate as Hell. There's lots of erotic power in what pop psych calls body language.

How posture defines or at least delineates sexuality is one of those dumbfoundingly dumb things.

Can't remember how young I was when I learned that men and women are supposed to hold they legs in different ways. Women were supposed to keep them closed. Probably the heterosexual man's fear that what lurked between them would reach out and enslave them. Which (patriarchy, sexism,&etc. was transmuted into nice girls don't do that. Presumably these maidenly virtues are still taught at fundagelical schools. Perhaps the nitwit virgins who subscribe to the Silver Ring Thing nonsense aspire to prim posture.

Real men, keep their legs spread apart and the foot on the knee or thigh. Something like that anyway. The open legs make sense in a gay bar: gay men trying to make the indiscreet bulge visible as if they were Calvin Klein underwear models.

Some people are more lust-worthy when seen from a certain vantage. Some simply have their features more favorably displayed. I guess we all find certain postures or presentations more sexually compelling. Just as gay men may have a special sexual affinity for tennis shoes or boots, straight men for high heels or stilettos.

Maybe for you it is ramrod straight, shoulders back, in charge confidence. Or gawky, unconfident please-help-me-sir boyishness.

Or merely an angle. I like a three quarters view myself. You can see at least one eye clearly and note what tricks his hair plays about his ear. And it easy to invest the object of distant affection with all sorts of qualities he doesn't possess.

Sometimes it is well

M. told me that the local object of lust mentioned at the beginning had gotten in trouble for giving someone a blowjob at the rear of one of UNC-Chapel Hill's buildings. The image of the nearby guy on his knees kept itself in my imagination for several hours.


I’ve heard that American men see British men a faggy because they cross their thighs when they sit down. is it true? In fact, I find that foot-on-thigh posture is not very good manners unless you are really familiar with the other person.

I’m not sure if the stereotypical heterosexual response to English men exists outside of sitcoms. The few guys I’ve known from the UK sadly were straight (I always wanted to sodomize a nice British boy). Accent aside they were indistinguishable from the prole American.

Now you make me feel I need to watch how I place my legs. Actually I’m a very freeform sloucher: the ways I sit in chairs defy any designer’s intent.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Pose, posture: the composition of sexual beauty.

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Love and Lust
Pose, posture: the composition of sexual beauty
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