Pretty Shoes

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Have I confessed that I’ve become a shoe fetishist? A retifist as the professional class that earns a living by treating uncommon forms of erotic pleasure as illnesses.

A woman wearing boots has often been a pleasure to see. Tall leather boots are classed as masculine so a feminine person in boots has an androgynous quality.

Alex has invested her feet and what she puts on them with considerable sexuality. Almost helplessly adapting I found myself becoming deeply enamored of women’s footwear. I bought her many boots and shoes: more than most women own in a lifetime.

For several hours tonight we necked and spooned. As I said earlier this is so beatific that I’m shedding my residual distress at Charles’ demise.

She was resting on the couch, her legs in my lap. Alex wore simple, flat, black PVC shoes: their uncluttered, clean innocence suggest schoolgirlish. Having touched almost every part of her skin I lifted her shoes to my face and gave each several kisses.

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Pretty Shoes
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