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(Wording makes sense only if you understand this is a comment left elsewhere.)

I've never given supermodels a second's thought until I started up a website to exploit famous pretty people's names. Just for the filthy lucre.

I do like nudity. One of the very few nude images I keep on my computer is of a blonde boy who looks the essence of purity. Being able to see his phallus is a part of his beauty. Knowing that he might be just a little shit or a bore doesn't matter because I'll never meet him.

I don't think the photo of the boy more or less than an image of youth in cutoffs, a chaste looking lad in a sweater catalog. They are just fantasy images that I may look at for a smile or more manipulative pleasures.

But most of my fantasies have always been of someone I've seen on the street. Maybe he has a few zits, bad teeth, should comb his hair.

The professional hottie, the pedestrian boy next door: they are all delightful. Some people can only be happy thinking of the airbrushed perfection they'll never have. But for more of us than you may credit the flawed real thing isn't just making do.

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Synchronicity. I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately: the worship of the perfect unobtainable v. the reality of the flawed obtainable, and does (should?) having the flawed obtainable make one cease chasing the perfect unobtainable, even if only in pictures or videos? If one has a loved one, is it being unfaithful in any sense to seek images of the unobtainable for manipulative pleasure?

I’ve always loved the boy next door.

The almost perfection A&F models are nice to look at but to these eyes the average boy next door is always better looking. The perfect ones tend to all look the same and porn is a good example of that. 90% of the models look the same. I live in the real world and all of us look a little different and its that difference that makes us special.

There are certainly guys (people) who’ve killed their ability to enjoy real, available people by becoming addicted to the perfect bodies and faces in magazines and movies. Though I suspect that is a problem exaggerated by the heterosexual where hatred of erotica often dominates.

Most guys I’ve known have liked looking at the Brewer Twins, Falcon Studios movies, or whatever and gone with a decent guy that was available. Most people want the real thing I think more so than just stroking themselves looking at a video.

Virtual infidelity is a real question. I’d say the person you’re your lover has a right to a voice. When I setup house with Charles I zapped every sexy image I had on my computer even though he said he didn’t care.

Using the images to get off ? Again I think it depends on what the other guy thinks to some degree. It isn’t easy or even always possible to control what images pass through your mind if you are stroking yourself.

At least if you are going solo because he’s not available. If it is replacing time with him then the question might be whether you are happy, satisfied or really ready for a relationship rather than whether your erotic expectations are too high.

Really the answer only exists in terms of the individual couple. Some folks with strong BDSM interests but vanilla spouses act out their fantasies with other partners with their spouse’s permission as long as nothing involving genitals is involved. An extreme example.

You were in my mind, Tim, when I posted that. I’ve certainly fantasized about people in magazines but not nearly as often as I have some guy on the corner who had some little quirk that excited me.

And I remember guys I saw walk down the street years ago much better than guys I’ve seen on glossy stock.

I guess I have an unusual marriage; I spend my days shooting handsome young men and more often than not they are without clothing. I have at least 30,000 pornographic images on my computer in fact I have two computers and 260 Gig of hard drive space between the two, most of it full. I spend at least 4 hours every day editing those photographs and yet we’ve been together for 22 years. 22 very good years I might add. My husband has no interest in porn or photographs except to check my artistic eye and talk to me about composition and color. My husband is retired with a background in psychology. When I stated that sometimes during sex my mind pulls out pictures of models I have shot, he replied. That’s normal… If it didn’t then we’d have a problem.

I dated a boy once who was somewhat bulbous and short. He walked alongside me and held my hand in a seaside in a somewhat bad part of town.

Later in the night, I did not once notice his rolls of fat when he climbed on top of me in bed.

I dated good-looking tall guys. Everytime we’d walk out of a bar, they’d look around to make sure the coast was clear. What happens if there’s an altercation and their beautiful faces got messed up?

I didn’t let any of them get on top of me.

I guess you could say that when you have more visual charms to protect, you get scared.

When you got less, you have the “to hell with it” attitude.

That “to hell with it” attitude makes a man mighty attractive to me.

I think this is the first time you’ve ever left a comment on Pansexual Sodomite. You’d be surprised how much it delights me. In a way the weblog c’est moi.

I’ll confess old friend that I’ve wondered since you talk the talk if you walked the walk. Cynical I’ll admit. But good-looking people sometimes express sentiments they don’t live.

I’m hardly good-looking anymore but if you had every word I’ve written on the web you’d find there are claims I’ve never made. Not that I haven’t enjoyed homely boys but my own sense of sexual attraction is so often idiosyncratic I often draw a blank in comparing it to other folks.

I do know that I have aesthetic limiations.

Richard, I didn’t even this was pansexual sodomite, and yes, I believe you are correct: This is the first time I made an appearance here. It looked so much like the sexy pop culture page, I automatically assumed it was that without looking at the heading. I wasn’t sure whether I should reply here or on lj. Of course, I felt that it was good to have some activity on your lj as well.

You’d be surprise how many emails I get from people who are doubtful that I even go out in a dress. It is true that I don’t do it as often as I should, for obvious implementation purposes. But if the “talk” you refer to is about dating non-attractive people. I have done a lot of that. And frankly, I’ve had my fill. Still, just as you have your zit-faced, big nose boys, I’ve had crushes on skinny bespectacled nerds in H.S. who, just by sheer virtue of their sweetness washed away any flaws like a trusty bottle of OXY-10.

And if a non-attractive person should come along who will stand by me, it’s not too late.

I guarantee it 100%.

All my sites use the same templates; keeping up with so many is hard enough without making them look different. Where you reply is OK. One of the nice things about my sites is I always know where to find everything, they don’t just scroll off.

I’ve never doubted your dressing. But since you are a nice looking guy in or out of a dress I wondered how able you have been to put your ethics into practice when it came to your relationships with other guys. Nothing invidious meant about you at all. I know what a weakling I can be and it is easy to suspect ones own flaws in others. I’ve always wished I could be stronger that way.

The reason why I am doubtful of where to go or reply with your postings is that I sometimes want to help redirect traffic to where it is most needed, as I believe traffic hits will improve your chances of making a sale.

Well the good-looking ones don’t come around often. But if it is purely sexual, and it’s a one night stand, I have no ethics at the moment. Happily, I am not very needy of sex, especially when all ten digits are still intact. So if the good-looking ones don’t represent, they’re not getting anywhere just based on their good looks.

The fun in watching the confused look on their faces when a pretty boy has been turned down is sometimes….ahem…better than sex.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Professional beauty & the boy next door.

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