Q: Is there hope for a "bland, nice guy?"

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Did you know that omniscient Google answers questions? You'd expect folks to be asking for arcane and technical help. At least one person asks that heterosexual favorite: why don't women like nice guys.

Let's face it, "nice guys" don't get the girl. Certainly not the "nice" ones who for whatever reason are usually classified by women as "not interesting/fun/cool" enough to warrant attention. Is there any hope for a guy in that category? What can a basically decent guy do to make himself more interesting/fun/cool/appealing?

Are there gay men who feel this way? That nice guys don't get the boy?

Can you help him: Is there hope for a "bland, nice guy?"


i feel this way all the time. i’m 27, came out a decade ago, and have never had a boyfriend. i feel i’m a nice guy, and perhaps that’s why. maybe i’m bland too. or maybe i’m a complete ass and have no idea that i am!

I think many men and women are uncomfortable with visible unconfidence.

Hope you do manage to find a nice guy to spend time with.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Q: Is there hope for a "bland, nice guy?".

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Q: Is there hope for a "bland, nice guy?"
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