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Looking at my last entry I regretted that Wordís grammar checker isnít smarter. I enjoyed typing it so I wonít fret about looking like an illiterate.

Iíve been enjoying a stretch of time by myself. Charles hasnít been sleeping lately. Even when he isnít wanting my attention a goodly share of it, if only in the rear of my mind, is on him. There hasnít been much time for reading books or online journals. No complaint, Iíd rather wrap myself around his limp wrist than have all of my time to myself.

We spent one day taking in almost the entirety of Queer as folk season two. Disconcerting when you wake up, shake your head and find yourself back in your own life. Not that Iíd want to be any of the QAF cast. (I do identify sexually with the brunette lesbian. And I really like Peter Paige's nelly Emmett.)

Speaking of lesbians when I watched Kissing Jessica Stein Iíd not heard of ďhasbians.Ē The idea must be mightily charged for wholly gay women.

It made me wonder once again how easily the human race might slip into pansexuality (OK, bisexuality) without all the weird, nutty, nasty social conditioning. Straight men while in prison sometimes have sex with other men rather than merely masturbate. Assuming that most of these men were repulsed by gay men before their incarceration and that they have sex only with women after release . . .

Iím not going to try to close the sentence. That heterosexual men overturn their sexuality and shove their cock up another guyís ass must have some implications. They arenít fulfilling any evolutionary impetus to procreate. But they do want someone and not just their oleaginous fist.

That Iím a homo who decided that he was bisexual before choosing the label pansexual Iím the last person who can have an opinion. You have a sexual preference? Well, OK, I can believe you have a preference. I have preferences: I prefer blue and gray clothes but Iím willing to wear brown.

But I canít figure you monosexual people out. (Actually, Charles called to say heís on his way home so I donít have time to try.)


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Queer as pansexual hasbian folk
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