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QueerFilter is back up and I took a quick tour of the latest in the queer blogosphere.

Most weblogs by sodomites aren't about sodomy which is fine. Too many of them are about accessories, mostly computer, which is a trifle dull. Even if you own a Mac how exciting can another rumination on the iPod be?

Dispiritingly many gay webloggers are delighted with Boy Meets Boy and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.The appeal of the latter is too foreign for me to feign any understanding. Charles watched one episode and I hid under the covers until it went away.

Perhaps Boy Meets Boy appeals to the gay spinster. To be, um, fair many a guy like the show because he'd like to get fucked by one or more of the men on the show. C'mon just go watch an exercise video or some porn.

No self-respecting gay man should tolerate a pop culture that sets up a gay man with straight men. (Although a survey of the Nifty archives shows sucking straight cock remains a common gay obsession. Probably understandable enough for the average homo in high school.) And others want to sleep with the, er, star..

Many gay men will sell their sex lives to the Republican party for lower taxes. No surprise others will sell their self-respect for a routine fantasy figure (I guess, I've never seen the show).

To be redundant: we inescapably want who we can't help but desiring. That doesn't mean we should surrender our sexuality to the wealthy powers of pop culture. But many a gay man will sell himself for a veined foreskin.


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I try to repeat this mantra a few times a day. I think I may type it up and stick it to my TV, just as a reminder.

By the way, I started a Live journal. It’s still lame.

Given a choice of gay marriage or lower taxes, I’ll take the lower taxes any day. Let me state that in a different way; even a 35% upper marginal rate is Socialist tyranny, plain and simple.

Given a choice between Republicans and Democrats, that’s simple too. I fight Socialism, I most certainly do not vote for it.

As for selling out, I don’t sell out to collectivism and gay group-think. I think for myself.

Death to Socialism.

Love, Izzy

I can’t decide if this message has arrived via time warp from the 1950s or Izzy is just feeling prankish.

Actually, in the 1950s many leftists called themselves Communists or “Fellow Travelers”. McCarthy was right too, there were many of them in the U.S. State Department. The upper marginal income tax rate was much worse, it was totally unreasonable, but there were many ways of avoiding it (for all but a few poor schmucks).

Nowadays many leftists call themselves “Progressives”, but a turd by any other name is still a turd.

No matter whether they are Communists, Socialists, Progressives, or Liberals, the modus operandi is the same. For anyone foolish enough to believe their dishonest, disingenuous spew and support them, lip-service and exploitation is all you will really receive. Democrats have no more real concern for gays than they do for blacks, they are merely another group to exploit.

The choice is simple, either fight for individual freedom, or resign yourself to an ever expanding tyrannical “nanny state”, followed (at some point) by a violent revolution.

And for a real hoot, how about “Pink Pistols”? I’ll bet many straight liberals are saying some really nasty homophobic things about this group of independent minded queers. Gotta love it! The gun-grabbing Nazis like Charles Schumer must be having fits.

I remember noting Pink Pistols here some time back. And knew Rev. Ray Broshears who organized the gun-toting Lavendar Panthers many years earlier.

Izzy, even if your political philosophy were in my sympathy to my oxymoronic blend of liberalism and libertarianism I really wouldn’t want to talk about politics with you. With even my closest friends I tend to get bored and seek to escape when they start in on the particular bugaboos that annoy or spook them.

Richard (self-employed capitalist)

Hello Richard,

You mean bugaboos like going to jail if I refuse to send the IRS a totally unreasonable tax payment? Yeah, that’s a bugaboo alright.

“A libertarian is a liberal who was mugged by the IRS.”

Please, don’t talk to me about politics. And say whatever you want to impress some number in a bar. You’ll probably get more tricks if you pretend to be a liberal.

But please, when you are in the privacy of the voting booth, vote with your brain, not with your…

“Please, don’t talk to me about politics.”

Izzy, my prior message was meant as a civil statement of my disinclination to talk about politics with anyone.

Hello Richard,

And like I said, don’t talk politics, just vote right.


Love, Izzy

Obviously the person who wrote the piece above,”Queer black eye, boy defeats boy”, has no problem talking politics.


What an utterly surreal and pointless conversation. Thanks so much for pointing this out to me!

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Queer black eye, boy defeats boy.

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