Romantic Irony

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Those you want you can’t have. Those you have you often wish you never wanted.

I wonder how many have felt this.

Have they felt merely despair? Or have they accepted life’s limitations with grace?

There’s much to be said for beautiful personality perceived even if not possessed. It reminds you that possibilities exist.

The failure of today may be matched by success on the morrow.

Sadly many chose to opt out of the struggle. And who really can argue against suicide as a means of escaping suffering?


The most abhorrent thing I can think of, truly, is ceasing to exist. I think death is the end of all consciousness and I really can’t bear the thought of never having another idea, memory, experience, etc.

So…fooey on suicide, says I.

Damn, I was certainly in a morbid mood when I wrote this.

While I may one day kill myself it will be because my body is failing me and I don’t want the pain of a long deathwatch.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Romantic Irony.

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