Scarves, vests, boots, ponytails

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A boyfriend who knew what I liked would show up in a white dress shirt, blue jeans and tennis shoes. I'm not sure what tennis shoe might mean nowadays. Back then it meant Keds or some other simple shoe mostly worn by teenage boys. The sports shoes as an exemplar of conspicuous consumption didn't exist. Nike and Adidas had yet to arrive.

Once he visited me at work, bless his sexy self, in mime makeup. As I said he knew what I liked.

I like things about the neck: kerchief, chokers, scarves, loose ties, necklaces (on guys, on women they are invisible).

Boots: yes, absolutely. Ankle-length on guys, any length including thigh-high boots on those in woman's garb.

Ponytails: more please.

Shirts with sleeves just a bit too long.

Caps, hats: I loved the old Carnaby Street caps. They were, forgive the word: cute. And until Madonna poised the image with ubiquity I thought hats on the feminine were pretty enticing.

Vests: plain, colorful. Any gender quality.

Where do these fascinations come from? The tennis shoes is likely an association from the way boys dressed when I was young.

Once I saw a photo of a transvestite wearing what I thought was a Catholic girl's miniskirt. As a young man I don't think I ever saw a girl in Savannah wearing one and know it only from the literature of heterosexuality. I found it very exciting. The origin of my own excitement escapes me.

And what could be sexy about shirt sleeves. I don't know. But they are.

Some erotic fixations, or fetishes if you must are so deeply lost in our personal prehistory that you just have to accept them without ever expecting to understand them.

You probably have a few things that arouse you that you're reluctant to confess or at least baffled by if you think about them twice.


Nope, I have a huge fetish for men in boots (sans laces) and I’m not ashamed to admit it! Also into: wrestling (namely, headlocks and choke holds), Big Brother role playing, and muscle worship.

it sounds to me, richard, like you’re talking about “panache”… an all-too-rare authentic quality in our age of camp.


Not an unusual fetish, though I’ve known guys who like the laces. They enjoy tying or untying them.

I used to get lots of IMs from a guy who wanted to wrestle. But my whole idea of wrestling is what is called “pro wrestling.”

We’ve had at least three gay novels about muscle worship. Admiration of strength and power is very natural.


Panache is a more elegant way of putting it than I’d have thought of.

I suspect part of my attraction to the feminine is they’ve been expected to present themselves in interesting ways. Well, sexy ways, luckily some do it with imagination and style.

I don’t know if I’m unusual but as a reformed catholic school boy a girl in a white button up and a short plaid skirt will still draw my eye anytime. It’s not an overwhelming fetish but hrmm…


I suspect your response to those plaid skirts is pretty normal. I’m sure at least a couple of my fetishes have to do with the way guys looked back when I was in school.

Good mornin’ Dickie! I just love your site so much. Last time I popped in I discussed Betty White’s shaven, tattooeed mons being crammed full of sweet midget pickles. Wonder if that smarts a hair or two? I imagine it does … all that salty vinegary sweetness probably burns her inner pussy flesh to the point of ulcerating the damn thing. Poor Betty White and her stinging vagina. I hope you enjoyed your summer. Did you make sweet love to any cute boys this time round? Any big cocks? I love a big cock every now and again. Nothin’ like fillin’ my poor little tender buttho’ full of gargantuan cock. Goodness gracious me oh my! I’m gettin’ kinda horny just thinkin’ about it. I think I better get me an old filthy roofin’ shingle and scrape my swollen, tinglin’, wet clit clean off! If I succeed in completely severin’ the little rascal from under my ol’ snatch hood, I think I’ll attempt to feed it to my pet tarantula, Malmsey. I think I’ll tie a strand of dental floss around it (unwaxed, of course) and dangle it like a cricket in her face! She’ll then pounce on it (mistaking it for said insect) and inject it with venom so that it will begin to dissolve and liquify from the inside-out. She’ll then suck all the “soup” out of it with her fangs and … well…bye bye clitoris!!!! YAY!!! I’ll have permanently rid myself of that love button! I just can’t keep my hands or my TV remote control off of it so I need to do something drastic to dispose of the little stinker (and boy howdy - does it STINK - smells like sweaty, nasty, bacteria-encrusted feet!!!). Oh well, much love to ya Dickie! I have to go find that dirty roofin’ shingle now. My little “surgery” awaits. And don’t worry - I will recycle the dental floss - I plan to stitch up my wound with it after ol’ Malmsey has snagged her prey. Much Love To Ya!!! Happy Halloween! Tesa Lashee Smith Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Not just the boots when your guy is dressed in drag - knee length, preferably black - paired with a gypsy skirt and a white ruffled poet style blouse, just showing a touch of chest hair, and a black ribbon choker. I go weak at the knees thinking about it.

Your feelings?

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Ambiguously Gendered , Love and Lust
Scarves, vests, boots, ponytails
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