Sex is funny

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Every week I get a report of what people have searched for on Edifying Spectacle. Todayís report:

Here are the top phrases searched:

- 1 for "cullilingus"
- 1 for "erotica stories"
- 1 for "stallone"

I think English must be the searcherís second lanuage.

Not that it matters much. While cunnilingus is fun I donít think I said anything very exciting about it.

I did put up my few fragments of erotica but kept them hard to find. Since they arenít any good I think I did it mostly to slap down my own reluctance to do so.

Now what could I have said about Sylvester Stallone? He couldíve been part of a short list of all that I find sexually repugnant in men.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Sex is funny.

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