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I'm sure you have some sort of unfulfilled sexual fantasy don't you? Bet they fall into two main categories:

Sleep with Orlando-Bloom-Brad-Pitt-Tom-Welling TV Movie Hunk Hottie.

Sleep with man/boy you go to school with, saw at the club.

When I was eighteen I decided that one day I'd have sex with a hustler, callboy, rentboy, some sort of sex professional. It seemed an interesting project to discover what sex would be like as a commercial transaction. Says something about me that even as a freshly out young gay man I was conceiving of sexuality in terms of projects.

My cockeyed notion went to the back of my brain. No AIDS, I was young, tall and acceptably proportioned. Young love lust was easily satisfied. Besides, hating the wearisome, messy business of working I was mostly on the streets living by my wits. Who had the money with which to pay? Though once when I was in control of a pound of pot a young hustler wanted I thought about using it bend him. He spent a long time telling me that he wasn't gay even though he'd gone down on a friend when he was drunk. Wholly anaphrodisiac (looking back it seems like it should've been an encouragement).

For the first eight or so years of being out I knew more male prostitutes than anyone but an addictive john normally meets. They were my neighbors, later my employees.

Over the next few years I'd whore myself three times. If anything that increased my respect of the guys who can do it hundreds of times. (This isn't to slight happy girl hookers: a male sex worker in most cases has to maintain an erection.)

In Atlanta, San Francisco and Los Angeles I vended young men to guys who were willing to pay. If you aren't an artist anything you do often becomes unexceptional. "Young, white, hairy and uncut" became what "I'll have two pounds of the provolone" is to he cheese merchant.

Having been on the callboy's and madam's side of the counter left male prostitution shorn of its glamour. The city of night was just another daytime job.

Still, foolish me, I at times regret that I never realized my project of being a john. Maybe I would've if the boys I saw selling themselves on the street wore a little eyeliner. Mostly they looked scruffy and rough.

You might ask why don't I do it now. Well, a guy named Charles probably wouldn't be amused. Not a particle.

In Durham, NC I wouldn't know where to look. If there's a place sex workers of either gender congregate I've never seen it. Of course if I were looking I'd go to the web. Back when I was on AOL I did have a guy who was always selling himself (or trying) tell me I could do him for free if I'd come over and slap him in the face right then. But it was about one a.m. and I was more interested in bedtime than asking a young stranger if he knew that he was my bitch.

And I'm older. What seemed amusing at eighteen looks a bit different years later. I'd hate to find myself on the bottom of sexual power (at least in this instance).

I'm sure you have some sort of unfulfilled sexual fantasies (or projects) maybe a couple of you will be brave enough to share them with me.

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“Trade” has never been one of my fantasies, but I can see how getting a “behind the scenes” look would dash the fantasy.

To be honest, mine are running out. I’ve been in an “exploring my sexuality” mode for a couple of years and there are only a couple left that I really want to have happen (e.g. two men fucking me at the same time).

I do have some fantasies that I DON’T want to become real - they’re fine as fantasies.

No doubt time will reveal some new ones. Another source of “fantasy loss” is that some of them have become goals, a subtle but distinct difference. I’m not fantasizing about them, although they may be what I think about while masturbating, but rather planning and getting ready for them (e.g. tracking down the two men to fuck me at once).

If one’s actively working to make it happen, it’s not really a fantasy - just something not yet done.

I regretted the word ‘fantasy’ after I posted that. It was something I mildly wish I’d tried long ago. I have my own fantasies that I’ve enjoyed exploring in my mind but never would in the real world.

Sexual Fantasies unfulfilled? Hmmmmm Sadly I have none. Or should I say happily, as I have done them all?

I laughed when I read your post about sex being a project, like you I also wondered about life both as a hustler and as a john, so I spent 6 months first as a hustler then 6 months buying it, wherever I could. Also like you I came away with a new found respect for those boys that do it night after night. Not the life for me but I enjoyed it none the less.

That was years ago when I still had a body that some people might find attractive. These days the years are catching up with me and the gray is beginning to over power the brown

And the waistline…Well,

After 25 years as the owner of an Italian restaurant, well you know what the say about not trusting skinny cooks. People could always trust me.

I suppose if I still had a fantasy left it might be that some young model in my studio might find me becoming enough and ask me to put down the camera and join him. Yes that’s it, and like all true fantasies the odds are one in a million.

I won’t hold my breath…

If i read your weblog correctly you are married so what could you do if the young man suddenly offered himself?

If a young man suddenly offered himself ?

After coming out of shock I would probably pat the young man on the head and tell him to go play with kids his own age.

Some fantasies are best left… unfulfilled.

Hi there Dickie! I thought I would just drop in again and let ya know how things are comin’ along with this dinner roll I got in the oven. It is all crackling and sizzlin’ in black charred glory! That’s what I get for leavin’ the house to go shoppin’ at Wal-Mart for three hours and forgetting that my oven was turned up to 450 degrees. Me and my minor forgetfulness. What a mess I have to clean up now. Charred bun in the oven - HA! Makes me want to eat some gorgonzola cheese and an air filter. Tesa Lashee Smith

My sexual fantasy is a simple one but I thought I’d use this forum to get something off my chest, as I can’t see my sexual fantasy becoming reality.

I am a 49 year old male, very fit and young looking for my age, I have a full head of dark brown hair, not bad looking and could probably pass for 35 on a good day.

I have a mate who is 44 who is also very young at heart. He lives with a girl who is 22 and we all get on very well.

The trouble is she has a sister who is 18 years old, absolutely gorgeous, one of the best bodies I’ve ever seen. I’ve known her since she was 14, always knew she would be very attractive and I want to fuck her more than any woman I’ve ever known.

Danielle is her name and she studies art and photography. One day when she was 16 she asked me if I would take her to the country to take some landscape photos. I agreed. As she was taking photos we talked about photos of human anatomy.

She said she’d like to take some photos of the human body but didn’t have the money for a model. I volunteered my servies. At first she thought I was joking but I managed to convince her I was for real.

My plan was to get naked and hopefully she would see my cock and want it. Sounds simple enough if it works. She took some shots of me without a shirt flexing my muscles. She was laughing, I was focussing on the area her legs came together. There’s something about a tight young pussy in a tight pair of blue jeans that drives me nuts.

Then off came my jeans, and finally my jockeys. She was embarrassed a little but to her credit she kept taking the photos. I kept staring at her pretty young pussy and trying to talk her into posing for some nude shots as well.

I had almost talked her into it when the thought was too much for me and I cracked a boner. She immediately stopped taking pics and suggested we leave for home. She knew what I wanted, I am sure.

All the way home I apologised, trying to put her at ease, she kept saying it was okay, but I could tell she was a little shaken. I thought to myself at least she had seen my cock erect, and maybe in time she will want to see it again.

Shortly after that she got a damned boyfriend. This was a disaster for me, it effectively meant she was off limits. We still get on well together but I still have a fantasy of screwing her into the ground. Pure sex, no committments. All I ask is 5 hours of straight out, no holds barred sex. I have laid in bed for hours just thinking about her legs wrapped around me.

I’ve had a number of sexual encounters in the meantime, but I won’t rest until I’ve fucked Danielle, she is my ultimate fantasy. I am thinking I might just go for it soon, just tell her how much I want her, give her some spiel about the advantages of sex with more experienced partners, etc.

I saw her again today, and her pretty face, wavy blonde hair to her waist, and perfect arse in those sprayed on blue jeans is more than I can take.

My fantasy is to undress her, lay her on my bed and lick every inch of her body, then eat her pussy until she cums, then start fucking her. I would finish by cumming in her mouth, the thought of watching her gorgeous face go up and down on my cock is almost too much to bear.

I just wish she was a little less perfect for my needs, I’d be able to deal with it better. I might have a talk with her boyfriend, I might be lucky and he may have a thing for older women. If so, we might be able to arrange a swinger deal.

She’s 18, gorgeous, ultimately fuckable, and I’ve just got to have her.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Sexual fantasies, unrealized, unfulfilled.

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Sexual fantasies, unrealized, unfulfilled
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