Sexuality can be beastly

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This entry is about physical congress with canines. I'm going to do my best to keep it from being picked up by the search engines as such. AWStats tells me that during the first six days of this month 1118 people have arrived at Amorous Propensities looking for information about d*g sex.

Back in Atlanta I had a good friend who grew up in the most abysmal hinterlands of Pennsylvania on a small family farm. Whatever my note about him may suggest to you my friend was an attractive gay who was wholly sane sexually. When I knew him he had a varied, vast and vanilla gay man's sex life.

As a horny youth my friend found that calves were willing to fellate him. He happily enjoyed this until one nicked his penis. Then he figured it'd be wisest to settle for what his hand could accomplish. He is the only person I recall who confessed to quadruped/biped sex.

In skimming BDSM erotic stories I've seen a fair number where the submissive was humiliated by being forced to service dogs and even horses. Possibility has never been a requirement of fantasies or many a night would be empty of Carmen Electra and Colt models.

Months back there was a story about d*g sex in some South African newspaper so I noted it in Amorous Propensities which varies between oddities and serious issues. Just a moment ago I thought to actually look up d*g sex on Google. I have pride of the first two listings out of 4,160,000!

That people search for it only 300 - 400 times a day evinces the topic's limited appeal to specialists only. I suspect Ms. Electra and assorted models are searched for far more often.

Much later a South African scientist explained how that story and all similar stories are hoaxes. Interspecies carnality is a myth, folklore. I recorded a portion of his explanation in Amorous Propensities as well. Interestingly people started leaving comments denouncing the scientist. Tracking them back to their IP or domain showed they had a vested interest in preserving the myth: they all run sites promising to show you this impossible sex act.

Now I never criticize any sorts of sexuality however outré. Or consensual sexuality. Probably these fantasies are divorced from consent. Not that I want to condemn anything that remains virtual and in the mind. Though I did run across a heterosexual site devoted to men who raped women and then ate them. That did send my inner John Ashcroft banging his head against the wall.

Sexuality continues to provide odd, unexpected and sometimes horrifying examples of the mind's infinite capacity to go in ways that disgust and frighten us.

I don't have anything edifying to say or a moral truth to share.

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Sexuality can be beastly
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