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Nothing much happening hear so I thought Iíd ramble on for about nine hundred words about sexual beauty.

A friend posted a photo that set me to thinking about the flourishes and quirks of appearance that, for me, are rich in sexual glamour.

Ponytails: Not a bit of self-discernment where my fondness comes from. I canít remember any from way back when. Actresses in movies mightíve had them. It was a long time before I noticed how ponytails perk up my interest. Iíd be tempted to say that a ponytail is androgynous: long hair but short about the face. But I donít feel any gender associations with hair length; at least as far back as Audrey Hepburn have looked lovely with short hair. And when more men wore long hair most of them were manly enough.

Long hair: shoulder-length to Cher-length. I grew up in a time when long hair was pervasive. There were lots of pretty longhaired boys to be seen. But its special appeal is only in the abstract. Iíve never seen a lovely shorthaired boy and wished his hair were longer. But I have with women. Showing some buried gender notions I have looked at women and felt cheated when their hair was short. Even if I thought they were lovely as they were.

Red hair: aside from one dream I never managed to snag a redhead (and canít get Charles to dye his hair red). With the red hair I always associate green eyes. Robert Heinlein like that paring, maybe I got it from Podykane on Mars, however many times Iíve read it.

Blue eyes: not really. There are the exceptional blue eyes that sometimes seem to shine brightly for a second. And there are the big brown eyes that suggest a need for a strong shoulder. Mostly Iím blind to eye color.

Blonde hair: long ago a friend told me that every guy Iíd pointed out as cute had blonde hair. The preference had been invisible to me until then. Not that Iíve ever felt any real life pleasure in pretty people with darker hair.

Boots: no, not for their kinkiness. Well, OK, there is that appeal. Any length of boot whether on a guy or girl. Dimly there are images of 60s girls in mini-skirts with boots. That mightíve left boots suggesting freedom and sexiness.

Neckwear: chokers, kerchiefs, scarves. Ties, if they are worn loosely. I started to add collars but Iím not sure if that is a term for anything not worn in a BDSM context and Iím deliberately avoiding the less innocent fetishes. (Although Iíll own to finding boys in leather collars and leashes lustful. Something Iíd never have guessed until the first time I saw a photo on a perv website.) My guess is that neckwear appeals to my more general fondness for foppery and frippery.

Suits: damnifiknow why I warm to skinny guys in three-piece suites. Having no early images I suspect that the clothes suggest delicacy.

Hot pants: strong in implied sexuality. They are part of one of my favorite transvestite images: a very hookerish looking boygirl. No similar association with the conventionally gendered, saying I may not want to know what about my sexuality. Or it may have come from the sexual imagery some transvestites themselves. Not that many guys have ever worn hot pants. Cut off jeans were an old fave havenít seen anybody in them for a long time. Iíve actually watch random half minutes of soccer because I like the combination of short pants and high socks. (Unamazingly close-ups on the players donít work for me Ė jocks, ewww!).

I remember a boy who used to wear white dress shirts, jeans and tennis shoes because Iíd told him how attractive I found them. Another nutty fetish whose origin is lost.

Say penis to me (a Google search on that phrase brought someone to my website): never thought about pensises in the abstract much. But back when I was single and looking on the web and folks whoíd read the ďWhat I Look LikeĒ part of my website would get giddy because Iím uncircumcised (one of the many things I never thought to ask my mother about) it hit me that in the realm of daydreams I like uncut cocks myself. Aerodynamic as it were. There was a time when I though the smaller penis the better penis but canít imagine really caring much. Except maybe this one black guy who wanted to work for my escort service back in Atlanta. His staggering cock seemed beyond the hardest sizequeenís abilities. Are their fetishes about womenís genitalia? (Aside from the peculiar fascination with the shaved cunt*, what is up with that? ďpeople with pubic hair shavedĒ was brought someone else to my site today.) Iím not sure how much variation there is. The clitoris can vary in size. Women who take androgens sometimes have very large clitorises.

Butts, rounded, flat, all sorts: Charles didnít like my saying that butts were my favorite body part below the neck (necks can be so lovely, I like the necks that strike most as a bit too long). Not that I donít find his fetching. My sweetheart has a bit of a puritanical streak. .

Mmmm, so, surely there are surface details that make your eyes focus if only for a second (except maybe for Candace and Felix whose sexuality seems strikingly (lower-case) catholic.

* MS Word knows about male genitalia but not about womenís.


I Think you are very cool, and I like your web very funny and real at the same time …lol lol lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks paul

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