Sodomite Pansexual Androgyny

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On and off I post an entry to address the folks who arrive here by simple Google searches.


Well, nave visitor as you may have guessed I'm gay, queer, a fag, you choose your preferred noun. I'm a guy who thinks other guys are the best things in life. Legally I'm a sodomite in that when I see a nice butt I know I'd like to be in it.


I'm blessed in that I've grown older I've become unable to not see the erotic wonder in people of either gender. Or sometimes cursed by the distrust of the monosexual.

Androgyny / Hermaphrodite

Keenest of all sexual-aesthetic delights are those who've grabbed gender by the crotch and reshaped it to please themselves. Some conqueror it by biochemistry and surgery. Others work magic with boots and skirts. Another group lifts an eyebrow and the corner of a lip and ah

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Pansexual Sodomite
Love and Lust
Sodomite Pansexual Androgyny
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