Spankings: would you like to give or get a spanking?

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Months back I posted a scan of an old paperback cover that asked “Should Wives Be Spanked (men ask).” I thought it was funny. Little did I suspect that it would percolate through Google and people would arrives and start leaving comments.

Some folks were clearly just expressing fantasies of being spanked or - much less often - doing the spanking. Other, very tedious folks expressed their outrage at the idea of a woman being spanked. Some, rather unpleasantly stated that a man spanking a woman was part of the normal order (often followed with Bible verses).

I tend to think that gay men are more aware, open or at least tolerant of playful (or sometimes serious) power exchange and sexuality. Gay popular culture is. The average gay man on the street is becoming as squeamish at other’s behavior and his own appetites I sometimes fear and John and Jane Hetero.

This afternoon I closed the spanking entry on Amorous Propensities. But I created a new page hoping it might draw more sane comments.

So I thought, what the heck, I’ll create a page here for those who’d like to express their feelings and desires about giving or receiving spankings.

Or you can post your opinions, wishes, experiences on the Amorous Propensities entry (the latter will be seen by about a thousand times as many people as this page):

Spanking: do you want to spank or be spanked?

If you want to talk more about your need to be spanked please do it here.

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I cannot find men who will spank me with a passion, a few slaps on my ass is simply not enough. The few good spankings I ever got was when I was cuffed and the guy held me down and really laid it on my ass till the tears came, after the spanking he fucked me and it was great. Half-hearted spankings are not worth the time or exposure. When a man spanks ass because it really turns him on that is when it is the best for me.

I would like to meet men in the Palm Bay area of Florida who love to spank mens bare ass. Anal sex is optional and bj’s are available. Bill

I don’t mind having my bare ass spanked black and blue, especially after fucking my girlfriend up her ass. She loves it, but she swore that she would spank me raw, like she spanks her own children when they are caught masturbating. Let me tell you that I cry like her children do while my butt is being spanked with a ping pong paddle. I love it even more when she orders me to bend over the edge of the couch, lubes my asshole, then she straps on her dildo, and fucks me up my ass, like I did to her moments earlier.

I love to get a good old fashioned over the knee, however only when I’m in the mood. The husband doesn’t like giving them and I DO NOT get turned on by vanilla sex anymore. Needless to say it has become a MAJOR problem for us. How do you deal with a vanilla husband and two kids running around??????

I love to spank my girlfriends ass until it is bright red I have found that the best way for us is when she is total naked and I am fully dressed .I have her bend over the arm of the couch and spank her ass with a long cane .the cane leaves long welts on her ass that really turn me on .I feel guilty about the pain and tears I cause .

Last January my lover and I chartered a boat in Miami and sailed down to the Florida Keys. The first night we anchored within site of a marina and hotel in Key Largo. On a dare we agreed to play strip poker in the boat’s cockpit. I was only wearing a shirt, shorts, boxers, shoes, a watch and hat. She had on at least that much, plus bra and a hell of a lot of jewelry. She’s usually a very good poker player, but that night I was very lucky. In a little while I was down to my shorts, boxers and watch, but she lost everything, including her jewelry. She was just sitting naked in the cockpit when I asked her what we should do next. I think she was getting pretty hot and was definitely anxious to get my pants off too. She said we should continue to play and if she lost three more hands before I was naked I could spank her. Well, she lost three while I lost my watch and shorts. Now she was hot and nervous. It was still light outside and sound was beginning to carry across the water from the marina and hotel. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that sound would carry just as quickly back from our boat, so I gave her the option of an on-deck spanking or down below in the salon. She chose the salon. We went down below and without my asking she draped nude body over my knees. Before I gave her the fist spank I asked her how many she should have. She said “20”. So I rubbed her ass warmly and began the spanking. I was counting the spanks and when I got to 20 she turned head to me and said “20 more, but this time spank me HARDER”. I really gave it to her the second time and her ass turned bright red. When I finished she slid off of me landing between my legs immediately began sucking my cock. We had lots of great sex that night. The experience was terrific and I want to do it again. I didn’t believe I would get so turned on by the spanking but she was so turned on I just caught fire from it. There’s more, but I’ll save it for future post.

My husband is a wonderfull man, protective and respectfull toward me. I am not always as kind toward him however, just a difference in personalities. For a long time our marriage suffered because of my nasty behaviour toward him. That has all changed now. I am spanked soundly when I treat him with disrespect. My bottom is often sore and marked and sometimes he spanks me very soon after an initial spanking which really gets the message through. To be spanked on an already sore bottom is very effective. When I have really pushed his buttons he takes me over his knee, lectures, then begins the spanking with his hand, then a hairbrush, then some time in the corner. After that, he gives me a strapping with his belt. While I am bent over, he tells me to reach back and spread my blistered bottom cheeks and get ready for a proper ass-fucking. He then firmly fucks my ass whils squeezing my sore bottom in his hands. After, I have a blistered bottom and a very sore ass, and I know to behave for a while.

I also would Love to have a true Spanking, then fuck me as if i WERE THE LAST

Girls’s I know all of us are up for a good SPANKING!!!! I like to be cuffed to a wall or table, and have a hard cock at the entrace of my moutn,as well as my ass, SPANK ME, SPANK ME HARD!!!!

Do you enjoy bondage?

i would love for a man to spank my bare butt across his knee he could use his hand a hair brush,or a paddle he would have to give me at least 150 whacks.i would love my butt to throb and hurt wwhen i sit down.

Last year my girlfiend and I had a fight and she was definately in the right. She said if I wanted to stay with her she would have to punish me. I laughed and said yeah right! She gave me the silent treatment for a whole day and I asked her if she was serious. She told me to report to the bedroom and get naked. She said I should pick a belt from the closet. I wanted to get this over with so I agreed. She came to the room and told me to put my arms over the bedpost. She said I was going to get 50 swats. I had to count and not cry. Once she started I didnt want it to end, I was amazed. Now I get my spankings as a reward, she uses paddles, hairbrushes, leather straps and a cane. I have at least two spankings a day and our sex life has never been better.

I would love to take all you needy ladies over my knee for what your bare bottom needs and deserves,I good hard spanking and maybe a paddling as well.E mail me on if interested.

i am looking for a young bad teenage girl that needs a bare bottom spanking

i am a women who is looking for a strong and fair man who is not afraid to spank my bare bottom. i really need a spanking right now as i have been VERY naughty. i wish you were here with me right now so you could pull my panties down or strip me naked. my pussy is getting moist just thinking about it. with your strong arms pulling me over your knee i fear the worst.then the slaps begin . harder and harder as my bottom bouces with every hard slap. even though i am now close to tears my pussy is soaking wet. you stop and insert two fingers into my dripping wet pussy, pumping them in and out, harder and harder, and telling me of the fucking i will receive after my bottom is soundly spanked. now it is back to my bottom. the spanks are harder and faster now the tears well up in my eyes but that dose not stop you. soon i am crying like a baby. you tire of this and say if i am going to cry i might as well have a good reason. you take me off your lap and put me in a conner with my bottom facing out. you remove your belt and put it in my hand. and tell me when you are ready you will let me know. in the next room you call your bestfriend and tell him you have a girl over with a freshly spanked ass who now needs a good whipping and then a good fucking. your friend comes right over.i over hear the conversation, and cry even harder. after taking the belt from my hand the two of you inform me to bend over the pillows you placed on the bed. you both take turns holding me down,or whipping my ass with the belt. you tell me i now have a reason to cry like a baby and when you are done how much fun the two of you are going to have fucking my red ass, my pussy, and my mouth as well. and if i don’t comply, i will be belted until i do. The whipping stops and two penis’s jam into me. one in my mouth and one in my pussy. after a while i lose track of who is fucking what hole .the penis in my pussy shoots it’s hot cream deep inside of me, and in no time at all it is pushing at my asshole. my red, hot, painfull cheaks are pulled roughly apart to make way. i beg for some lube which is answered with afew hard slaps to my bottom, then the lub is applied. i am ordered to baredown as the penis pumps it’s way into my sore ass. i look back and see you pumping my ass hard and our eyes meet. you smile and reach down and rub my clit. you ask your buddy to rub my nipples. soon i am moaning to an earth shattering climax. thank you for the spanking, the friend, and the fucking, even if we were only together while you read this …… thanks for sharing my fantasy to be spanked and fucked. you gave me my first belting and ass fucking……YOU WERE GREAT!!!! thanks again from the bottom of my bottom. and thank you Richard for creating a place for people to share. bottoms up , bare, and ready for spanking!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is very nice to know there are others in the world that feel it necessary to give and get a good spanking. My husband spanks me on a regular basis. It is almost always because i have misbehaved. But maintance spanking and sexual spankings are a must always. Spankings are very arousing, and your right, great sex follows. Punishment spankings on the other hand are very hard to take. But are very effective in adjusting my behavior. i love my husband more for being able to take control of our lives.

I’ve had an interest in spanking and discipline practices for as long as I can remember. I reckon that’s the way I was born, I’m genetically wired to be kinky. It took me a long time to come to terms with it and rid myself of guilt. Thank God for the internet, it made me realise that there were thousands of spankophiles out there and really it’s the most common kink on earth, which kind of makes it almost mainstream. I prefer to be spanked, but if need be I will also take on the role of spanker. It depends who you’re playing with. I have a friend who doesn’t have an alpha bone in her body, so with her I’m always the giver. I’ve been spanked by men and by a woman I had a relationship with, she spanked far harder than any man, but I prefer to be spanked by men because they have a more natural authoritarian air about them, and I like that, I like being dominated. Sex isn’t an issue for me when it comes to spanking, I mean I am aroused by the subject of spanking, but when it come to the act of spanking I prefer to keep it separate. I NEED spanking to feel like discipline. I need it to hurt, because I need to feel ‘forgiven’ afterwards. I find a good hard spanking more effective in lifting my depression than any medication. It’s a shame you can’t get it on prescription really. :)

I blog about my kinky sexuality elsewhere.

I had a wonderful relationship with a MTF transsexual sadist that included a mix of passionate if rough S&M and D/s. It was deeply satisfying and makes me regret that my distrust - fear of letting someone put me in bondage - postpone this form of erotic enjoyment for far too long.

Better late than never, Richard. :-) I’m glad to have come across your site. I’m enjoying your writings very much.

Pleased to meet you. I’ve met some fine folks on the internet over the years. A few have become valued if distant friends. One became a lover.

I’ve never met any lovers, maybe there’s still time. :-)

Ten years ago I used the web to find a guy to fall in love with. We bought a house together. Worst mistake of my life.

Several years ago an online friendship evolving into romance until pragmatic issues pushed us apart.

Relationships that begin online can be pretty intense, but I wonder how many actually stand the the test of time and real life? I love the web,without it I would never have been able to explore my own personality and fantasies and experience some of the things I’ve experienced, but it can be a mixed blessing. I had a very intense discipline relationship with someone I met online, it spilled into real life, which was great in some ways but not so good in others. In the end it was a very damaging relationship, in an emotional sense. She had set herself up to be something she wasn’t and as it transpired what I thought was a relationship turned out only to be a game that she got tired of playing. I was shattered. Oh well,c’est la vie.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Spankings: would you like to give or get a spanking?.

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