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Have you heard of Straight Acting? The site is famous for the quiz that determines how heterosexual seeming you are. Quizzes for both male faggots (like myself) and gay women.

Manly Men From Nowhere

Don't know if I'd visited the site before I started using AOL's chatrooms to meet guys. I hadn't given it any thought until AOLers would IM me to tell me their score. Poor horny guys thought it was a passport of butchness. There's nothing less masculine than fretting about your masculinity.

The lower the number the more straight acting you are. The highest score is 1. Knowing they were my aesthetic and cultural enemy I'd sometimes tell one of them that my score was "0" because I never went to the site. Only an insecure queer would

After moving in with Charles I felt free to go and take the test. As an attached man there wasn't any question of doing it to prove something online. My score:


Hardly anyone would be able to pick you as a homo boy. All your actions are carefully crafted in a way that they never appear to be considered too femme. Only a fellow level 2 -- buddy might suspect you with the proper gaydar and it's just the way you like it.

It says a lot about this quiz that my manliness is "carefully crafted."

I'm not the kind of guy who could say "Go girl!" But I didn't go to Butch U. To quote the immortal Popeye "I yam what I yam." It is a godawful thing to brag about. Maybe I'm a coward. Perhaps I have a personality defect.

I don't really have a big argument with these guys. If your ideal man hauls furniture for a living, never uses deodorant, and thinks American piss, sorry, beer, is the drink of choice, have a good time.

It is just so laughable to take it seriously. Particularly when you use the results of a pretty vacuous quiz to advertise your desirability.

The questions are already fading. I'm sure that I don't dance was a real plus on the butchness scale. But I don't because I'm clumsy and was too timid to learn. At least one question was quite repulsive. Basically how visibly do you show your affection for another guy around straight people. I'd actually expected better. Not much, but a little.

There is a questionnaire for women, in case some of you are worried that you show a dreaded taint of lesbianism.

On well, once a zero, now a two.

I went back and answered the Gal's Quiz. I skipped about a fifth of the questions: I don't have a favorite holiday, don't know the places in the fashion question except for The Gap, nothing for accessories or role models. So I started over and lied:

Your score is 94


You are all woman but every once in a while you leave the house without wearing lipstick! You like cheering your girlfriend on as she plays in her weekend softball league and you look forward to making the onion dip for her yearly Superbowl party! But, you've read "The Second Sex" 10 times!

To get this I said I drink chai tea, have a pic of Ann & Ellen on my wall, had a pedicure, love Valentine's Day and chose Martha Stewart as my role model.

I wonder how many women have ever been to this site?

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I’ll go take the quiz… got a link?

I, too, rated Level 1: Very Femme with a score of 92. I think I lost a few points when I admitted to my collection of power tools in addition to too many cats!

Doesn?t seem to discuss how ?straight acting? a woman is. Otherwise being feminine would be heterosexual woman, not someone who has posters of Ellen on her wall.

From what I remember of your photos you enjoy clothing, which probably means you?d heard of all those shops that meant nothing to me.

Man, you turned me on to this straight-acting site and I can’t let it go. Felt good about making level one and want to take it seriously. This ain’t right.


If you want to take it seriously I guess you could get a t-shirt printed “ #1” so everybody would know.

Blah! You did “better” than me, I got level 3:

You lead a normal everyday life and it’s ‘no questions asked’ as people just assume you are straight. Every once and awhile a very aware person might notice something that causes them to think ‘fem’ but it’s a fleeting thought because you turn around and surprise them with more masculine traits before they even have time to fully analyze the last one.

I’m opposite to those you’ve met online… All it means to me is that I have to come out to every person I meet. And right now I’m still uncomfortable with admitting it even though my parents know and all my “real” friends.

I’m of the have to tell people class myself. Many people who’d known me for years had no idea until my boyfriend started working at my used bookshop.

A deaf and blind can could tell that Charles is gay.

Have you ever seen the motion picture called MAGIC? It reminds me of your website. Peggy Weeners


Looking up Magic I find this:

“Anthony Hopkins is a ventriloquist sychologically tormented by his dummy .. “

I tried taking it but almost none of the answers clicked for me… It’s all very limited, isn’t it…

An unimaginative test for unimaginative people. I selected whatever seemed least preposterous. I notice that away from AOL I don’t seem to hear anything about it.

Hey i would love it if people did not share there info. on the internet! But what does posese people to be nasty? Sorry so short. sorry if i affend people but its my opinion. please contact me if you want to!


Hey well I have a ?. How does homos het started?


I’m not sure what you are saying or asking.

I love it when people share “their information” on the Internet. Fewer secrets == better society. On the other hand, stuff like this quiz is stupid. I did take it (Level 2 - whoopie), but found no value in it. What does one expect from an AOL meme, though?

This one about who you’re physically attracted to is more interesting (it requires registration to take it).

I wrote that thing about StraightAction a couple of years ago when I was feeling more strongly amused and disgusted by them.

I took one of’s tests long ago when I was using the web to meet people. Actually it was an exhaustive profile and wound up making my answers a part of my old website. The only guy it brought me was one of the few S&M tops that I really wanted to meet but 2,000 miles was an impossible barrier.

Well, I’m a #2 too - for whatever that might be worth; my partner says I’m pretty much a “regular guy,” which kind of confuses me: multi-lingual Pagan with ADD is not all that “regular,” really, is it?

I suppose I lost points for singing - I sing well and often, but only in Scottish Gaelic, which my partner and I speak together about 35% of the time - but on the other hand I barely know which end of a car is the front. I’ve been known to get seriously queeny - it’s not my native language but I’m quite fluent when necessary ::grin:: deliberately to turn off some guys who can’t take “no” for an answer.

And yeah - like you, I have to come out all the time because people don’t pick up on it. Which has its drawbacks - at least if you’re easily identifiable people know and you don’t have to make the “do I or don’t I” decision every damn time…

I think being a ‘regular guy,’ maybe a scruffy regular guy was my selling point when I was young. Now that more and more gay men are boring regular acting it wouldn’t stand out as much.

Actually I spent many years not coming out. Not in the closet either. I wasn’t dating or anything so there was never any reason to refer to my sexuality. Nor have I heard a homophobic remark in years and years.

When I started living with Charles my straight (which is almost all of them) friends caught on without me having to say anything. Even the blind and deaf can tell Charles is gay. (Which is the kind of guy I find most sexually attractive.)

Unsurprisingly the only comment any of my friends made was that I seemed much happier.

Since I have a mad passion for nelly guys the quiz annoyed me by its implied devaluation of them.

This discussion fascinates me. I would be in that class of deaf and dumb in order to be unable to tell Richard, I don’t usually know or notice until someone tells me. Don’t all people, gay and straight, have traits that are considered opposite of their sexual preference as well as traits that make them uniquely them? Maybe I am just too naive, he says I am, and I just don’t get the hullabaloo sometimes. It seems too simple to be so difficult. But then again he says I live in my own world and not in everyone else’s. Hmmm. I’ll have to think about this some more.

Sheesh I can’t even comment without making a mistake. Translate deaf and dumb (meaning mute not stupid, please I wasn’t trying to be offensive) to blind and deaf as the original comment stated please. Sorry.

As my business partner said of Charles the first time I brought him into my shop “He couldn’t hide it if he wanted to.” Often, but not always, Charles has embodies every stereotypical gay mannerism.

“Translate deaf and dumb (meaning mute not stupid …”


I checked the site out a few months ago. My only difference from a breeder is that I fuck man instead of broads. Years ago there was an application to join Boy Goerge’s Culture Club with the word “Rejected” in 2” high red letters rubber stamped diagonally across it. The info filled out on it was for a regular guy and stapled to it where it asks for a photo was one of a man resembling me standing next to an old truck he worked on. I have a different make of old truck which I maintain and repair. Effeminacy turns me off unless I’m sharing some fem with a fellow man, making out with the fellow man while we use the fem for nothing more than a receptacle (a bung-hole).

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Straight acting homos.

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