Sudden surge of erotic dominance

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It has been some time since this feeling gripped me.

Last week the desire to dominate, virtually own another person rippled through my nervous system like a high tide that comes close to flooding.

Trying to sleep I found myself seeing an androgyne naked and on his knees, head bowed, surrendered to my will.

To the uninitiated this seems selfish. But in taking control of another a sane dominant is as attuned to the submissive person’s needs as consciously as a conductor is to the least violin. There is great joy in the pleasure you give to the one who for the nonce lives as your property.

There’s no room for this in my relationship with Alex.

Just as ordinary men may seek reassurances of their manhood, my pansexual identification finds comfort that every facet of sexuality is still alive in my mind.

That I’m not going to live this fantasy doesn’t worry me. But it did leave me feeling complete.


from my perspective, i get off on being the dominated one. to be taken to that place of total surrender to another is time in the clouds. to know that i am owned, for that time, and that i will do anything for my owner is a high in itself. i cannot explain the out and out bliss of being used for the owner’s pleasure and successfully providing that pleasure for his/her satisfaction.

I know that lovely erotic submission. Giving yourself to someone you recognize as you owner.

But the flipside is in there as well. A friend kept talking about how he could be submissive and it caused my dominant side to rear up for a couple of days.

I am a lesbian who is in a relationship have been for the past 4 years. I have been at the point, that i just want to go out and have a night fling. Anything. cuddle, intimacy and may sexual contact. What do I do?

Your feelings?

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Sudden surge of erotic dominance
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