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Terminology for a post-gay world?

I guess Orlando Bloom who has to have chest hair applied as special effect is the preeminent twink in these early years of the 21st century.

When a friend referred to his teen years as his twink years I wondered why he couldn't be a twink now: he's hairless, slender, attractive.

Perhaps some queer theory academic has written The Homoerotics of Male Body Taxonomy: The Visual Discourse of Queer Male Sexuality or something equally silly sounding. I'm not a queer theorist but I like to type.

It'd be handy if we had a word similar to masculinity and femininity to describe the varieties of male sex appeal: malelinity?* Not that I'd suggest such ugly jargon.

When does a guy pass into or out of the boundaries of twinkishness (twinkhood?).

Urban Dictionary has a few definitions:

A young, naive, lolita-like gay male.

Sounds like something I might've made up. Which, given the general popularity of twinks, disqualifies the definition.

A smooth-bodied, almost pre-pubescent looking young gay male. From "twinkie" (as in Hostess twinkie)- soft and full of cream.

That etymology sounds too good to be true. Better than the only suggestion I'd heard before was twinkle, as does the little star you wish on. The implication was that twinks are effeminate.

Almost pre-pubescent works for me. It was certainly my type when I was just out. The people who run twink pay sites don't seem to think so. They are mostly grubby young guys. Possibly that portion of the definition matches either the predilections or prejudices of it's author.

A term often used in homosexual circles to describe a man with a smooth, youthful, only slightly-muscular, physique.

Vague enough to not arouse much objection.

So a twink must be smooth and youthful. How young? I remember the happy surprise when as a young queer I saw a couple of guys with a little gray in their hair whose youthful charm aroused me. Some blessed alignment of eyes and smile. Is there a mandatory requirement that you pass in your twink membership card when you hit 20, 25, 30?

When do the muscles get so large that you must be ousted from the twink club? Are you escorted from the twink lounge to the hunk lounge? Can a hunk be a twink? Are bad boys twinks? Can I come up with more pointless questions?

Yes. Some would include, say, Matt Damon or even Brad Pitt (was he a twink when young and a hunk now?). Justin on Queer as folk is surely a twink. But not Emmett: can nelly guys be twinks?

And some sweet looking young lads are faux twinks. Off comes their shirt and you discover you have a bear in twinks' clothing.

I guess we must each define our own Platonic twink archetype.

* Not that I'm averse to coining nonsense: Androgynosexual, Androgynophillia.


No matter how you pull and stretch the definition of twink, I stopped qualifying years ago. I don’t know that I qualify for the hunk lounge, either. What am I? Am I anything? Am I just invisible? As Bugs Bunny would say, “I’m having an indemnity crisis!”

You are weighing yourself against ideals and the guys in your gym. I’d say hunk status is substantially a degree of pectoral and shoulder development. While you don’t have biceps as big as hams you do have enough of the former to meet most sensible guys’ requirements for hunkdom. Anyway that is the opinion of someone who greatly preferrs waifishness.

As a twink lover of the highest order I shall throw my two cents in. Your right about the smooth body and only slightly muscular, physique. But twinks also have innocence about them. They dance the fine line between boy and man. A boy graduates from High school and a man graduates from College and somewhere in between they pass thru the Twink zone. There are many that never become twinks and there are a few that stretch Twink zone out to unbelievable lengths. Two classic examples are the actors Michael J. Fox and Ralph Macchio both are “men” and both can become “boy” on screen. The look is important but they pulled it off because they projected an innocence that only a boy has. My site is a dedicated twink site and even I have a few that just don’t cut it, they interviewed well but the innocence didn’t come out on film. One of the models you picked (Jay) with the puppy dog eyes is the standard to which all other twinks on my site are based. Jay is a Twink not because he tries to be, or wants to be, he just IS. And I doubt he even knows it. Bad boys are not twinks because the innocence is lost. Gray hair or balding knocks you out as well regardless of age. You can’t be a Hunk and a Twink except at the very beginning of Hunkness. Brad Pitt was a Twink and quickly went into Hunk and for a very brief time was both. Justin on QAF is most surely a Twink and nelly boys can be twink if their nellyness is natural but the second they start to “act” nelly they’re quickly out and become something else. The age question is harder to answer and its generally 18-24 but everybody ages differently; I once knew a twink that was 28. This man and (I’m not kidding one bit) could have walked into any Junior High School and enrolled as a student and no one would have known.

Your book came close but missed the mark. Its not
“twinkie” (as in Hostess twinkie)- soft and full of cream. But rather “twinkie” (as in Hostess twinkie)- Cream filled and ready to eat.

Got to go….I’m getting hungry.

Do you know about when the term became popular? There was a stretch of years when I was out of touch with anything gay and only encountered the word a few years ago.

I remember it started as “Twinkie” and very quickly became Twink but when or where it started I do not know.

Before Twinkie it was Chicken as in, He’s a Chicken queen… But chicken has moved down in age, down to boys with no man-ness to them at all.

I’ve always associated chicken hawk with guys who are addicted to young men below the age of consent. My own weakness when I was very young.

”..Perhaps some queer theory academic has written The Homoerotics of Male Body Taxonomy: The Visual Discourse of Queer Male Sexuality or something equally silly sounding. I’m not a queer theorist but I like to type….”


Excellent rumination.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Taxonomy of the twink.

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