The Long Distance Relationship Blues

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Alex and I chatted yesterday about our big problem: she’s British.

If you aren’t rich or qualify for certain programs you can’t move to the US.

The Visa Waiver Program allows him to visit. But.

Last time she came for a visit the INS agents grilled her ruthlessly. Why didn’t he have more clothes? Why had she returned so soon? What did he do for a living? Pretty harsh and draining.

Alex is afraid he’ll be denied entry should she return too soon.

I’d hoped to see her again in early December. But he thinks it prudent policy to wait until after Christmas.

When I saw that news typed across Yahoo! Messenger my heart dropped straight to the floor and lay their flat.

I’m not going to argue against her prudence.

I miss my transgendered lover. Badly.

But how much more would I miss him if she were banned from the country.

But I’ve made my peace with reality. You never win any arguments with it anyway.

Maybe if I summon up some will, wit and imagination I’ll make his return all the more special.

Nice idea anyway.

Oh those long distance relationship blues.


I have friends who are working through a trans-Atlantic relationship; I’ll ask them if they have any pointers. I think right now they just have saddle sores from when they do get together. :)

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The Long Distance Relationship Blues
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