The Sad Scientist and the Drunken Baker

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Size Age Matters

I make fun of them but I don't blame people who are attracted only to a shape of body, age range or

I might as well blame them for being heterosexual.

Charles told me about a couple of people he knows. You never know who'll wander through diaryland so I'll call them the Sad Scientist and the Drunken Baker.

I'm not sure of their ages. Saying that the Scientist if 15 years my senior and the Baker about that much my junior gives a serviceable picture.

There are several local gay supper clubs. Don't know if they call them that. My idea of these kind of gatherings comes from old Doris Day 'n' Rock Hudson movies: people eat, then stand about glass in hand variously boring, being catting with, and trying to pick each other up. I've heard of TOGA: Triangle Older Gay Alliance and TAGS: Triangle Gay Scientists. There's also the Mary Renault Society. People who couldn't distinguish her from Julia Child go to the last, age and profession aren't required for the prior two. They are places for older, professional gay men to hang out. None of the implicit sexual contest of a gay bar.

Admirers of older gay men often attend. The core group is very upper middle class to wealthy so it probably hard to distinguish the gradations from admirer to natural dependent to golddigger. Plenty of lonely gay (and likely women) would rather have the a gigolo than nothing. Even back before money a large horde of grain or beef must've made up for whatever passed for the graces back then.

Sad Scientist and Drunken Baker met at one of these. I've only seen DB once. He had a cocktail in hand and clearly was aquiring a warm inner glow. Back then he had a job but no car. SS had not long prior lost his housemate. Lonely and long habituated to taking in needy younger men it was a match made in - not in Heaven but not in Hell, foolish convenience maybe.

One supplied rides and full bottles. The occupied space and possessed inertia. And sex. They became lovers a naked noun that, like jazz, is straining under too many meanings to mean much of anything.

It worked well enough until the day Drunken Baker learned the Sad Scientist's age as the calendar defines it. In every quality SS remains just as he was when the two met several months ago. DB still lives with him. But DB won't sleep with him.

Wouldn't this make a lovely illustrated fairy tale?

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