There Was a Place Down Below ...

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I’ve been listening to the latest from the Pet Shop Boys.

Tennant and Lowe are impeccable even if they aren’t breaking any aesthetic grounds. In pop music to provide pleasure so consistently over such a period of time is uncommon.

Probably my main kick is the mere title The Sodom and Gomorrah Show.

The lyrics don’t quite decode in any specific way for me. Except that it is clearly a good thing to be part of the carnival of queer sexuality.

And as the years pass by I remain glad to be one of the men of the Cities of the Plain and not condemned to the pedestrian Heck of heterosexuality. Or normal homosexuality.

A mere man or woman lover

I’m sure there are plenty of pansexual sodomites out there and I hope we’re all equally grateful for that night we realized the beauty of the show.

Everything I need in this life so easy.

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Love and Lust
There Was a Place Down Below ...
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