Three years together

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Suddenly I realize that it is the third anniversary of the day I met Charles. Here's what I wrote last year (never finished).

This was how I met Charles.

ILikeFrailGuys NC meets AvgGuy4LTRNC

Then I called Charles. I heard the voice of a very feminine gay man. It was a sound I’d been without for years. I wrote elsewhere “Hearing the voice of a "southern nelly gay man" was like the rediscovery of a forgotten favorite writer, singer or long neglected drug. It isn't womanly or girlish. It is the unique possession of gay men.”
Meeting Charles in the Flesh
Charles was full of mistrust and wariness. He'd met other people online. However gentle they seemed their basic message was that if he wasn't ready to fuck he should hit the road.
In Raleigh with Charles

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Love and Lust
Three years together
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