Two Russ Meyer women and Diana Rigg

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Warning: heterosexual content

I've written a short bit about the passing of the great comedic movie director Russ Meyer and you can read it here.

Thoughts of Meyer are often accompanied with images of two of his actresses, though I'm thinking of three women altogether.

Tura Satan in Faster Pussycat

I've often regretted that Tura Satana not only failed to appear in anything comparable to Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! The other movies she appeared in are barely watchable. But I must confess that when I saw her as savage, merciless Varla I found myself looking at a woman that I wanted to kneel before.

Kitten Natividad

Meyer credited Kitten Natividad with introducing him to the pleasures of oral sex. A flesh and blood woman who was more of a cartoon than Stripperella. Sometimes she seemed a blowup sex doll come to life. But her exaggerated lips, breasts and hips harmonized somehow (or Meyer wouldn't have used her). I'd be tempted to call her the perfect male sexploitation fantasy. But I don't know anything about the manufactured beauties of contemporary porn. And in Beneath the Valley of the UltraVixens Kitten demands "more tongue" she sounded as if she was having a good time herself.

Diana Rigg as Emma Peel

Dame Diana Rigg has for decades been my ideal woman. Beautiful face and body. Always graceful. And most importantly smart and funny. As Emma Peel anyway. But of the three she's the only one I've never starred in a sexual fantasy.

Sexuality is funny.


Kitten may have been silly but she was the only woman I would’ve paid for a couple of hours in the sack.

Wow, you found the image of Dianna Rigg that’s been stuck in my mind since the first time I saw dressed like that all those years ago. When I stumble across The Avengers on the tube I always stop a for a bit hoping that it will be “that” episode.

Somehow those little holes showing a bit of skin — not even the “naughty” bits — are far sexier than Russ’s girls with the huge breasts and small bikini’s.



Foolishly, I never considered Diana Rigg anywhere on same continuum with Tura Santana/Kitten Natividad. Some of that must be that Rigg is near the opposite end of the breast-size spectrum, maybe 32B.

But the other factor is that Rigg’s action sequences were so stagey. Rigg always seemed like a Shakespearean actress archly posing as a kick-ass woman _ and letting her mod costumes do most of the work _ not someone who could really toss you around. (Try Honor Blackman for that.)

Looking at this photo, though, one can see how broad Rigg’s shoulders are, as well as the good muscle tone in her arms, the confidence she exudes. The evidence here suggests she really may be strong and physically competent, able to strike with more than just a well-timed bon mot.

Gay or straight, Rigg’s tiny breasts are on a different sexual wavelength than Kitten’s or Tura’s magnificent ones, so if you like theirs it’s no surprise that you don’t respond to hers.

And physically, I still wouldn’t fancy Rigg’s chances against Santana or even Kitten. But as you’ve shown here, perhaps my mental image of her needs revision. Nice work.

I first saw Rigg as Emma Peel when I was fairly young. She and Barbara Bain as Cinnamon Carter on Mission Impossible were the first two women I remember consciously thinking as attractive.

Satana and Kitten not until my forties. I’d moved from an overly romantic, really pre-sexual boy to a man with kinky appetites.

Didn’t see Honor Blackman as Cathy Gale in The Avengers until a few years ago. Her attitude and leather certainly suggested Domme. (Have no clear recollection of her from Goldfinger.)

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Two Russ Meyer women and Diana Rigg.

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Two Russ Meyer women and Diana Rigg
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