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Many gay men have either a passionate worship of or a great distaste for foreskin. Having met quite a few of the former I'm appreciative of mine. Not that I think my sex life would've been diminished by having that bit of skin sliced away.

Of course there are the poor zealots who feel their infantile circumcision a great moral crime. Anyone with that kind of zany fixation probably wouldn't find many lovers whatever their imaginary loss. And there's a Darwinian argument that we're better off if they don't reproduce.

A recent email captures what I most appreciate about being uncut:

I have my foreskin, too. I like having it but only because it makes it easier to jack off without using lube!

I was well past my youth before it occurred to me use a lubricant. That proved a novel experience, pleasant in its own way. But not more satisfying in the long haul. Better to not have to locate and cleanup the material.

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I got circumsised when I was 18, so I’m one of the rare few who have been on both sides of the fence. I can’t say I noticed much difference. Though being cut, I don’t have to worry about cleaning under any foreskin, that’s one plus I enjoy.

I like mine because the guys I met always seemed to associate it with masculinity. I have a very tiny preference for circumcised guys because I like the smoother lines. But really didn’t give it much thought until someone said “Oh, wow! You’re uncut!”

What made you have a circumcision seems like a lot of bother to go through.

For the longest time I wouldn’t even touch an uncut man, the result of 4 or 5 men with bad hygiene turnned me off for years. Then I met and fell for a man that was uncut but very clean and from that point on it never really mattered.

Why is lube unnecessary if the foreskin is intact?

The foreskin moves with the hand. The interior of the foreskin and the surface of the phallus are friction free like well oiled ball bearings.

The foreskin moves with the hand. The interior of the foreskin and the surface of the phallus are friction free like well oiled ball bearings.

Thank you, Richard! Not having the proper naughty bits (and not having dated anybody with this specifically designed set of naughty bits), my imagination had been running amuck with all sorts of random scenarios.

i am cut. i jack off just fine. no need for lube.

In his youth, my partner was obsessed with finding out who was “cut” and who was “uncut”, and he got pretty good at makiing informed guesses. It’s too bad that young men and boys aren’t given more education and options about this subject. The media (including most North American porn) presents “cut” as the norm, but I definitely, as a woman, prefer an uncut penis that is well cared for. My partner realized after several relations with men that his (very nice) “uncut” penis was much more sensitive, and it could do a lot more ‘tricks’ with its form than a “cut” penis could. Too bad he spent so many years worrying about it before it took another man and a woman to show him how thouroughly hot it is.

In my comparative experience as a woman, I find “uncut” men FAR MORE SENSITIVE, and much more interesting.

I’m cut, but I do have affinity for either extreme. I find males attractive no matter what their members are like.

Hmm, I can’t make up my mind. I think I’ll have to do more research on the subject.

I’ll get back to you.

i,ve had my forskin 58 years now ,its had plenty of use and is still working 100% theres no way i,d have it cut off.and all the guys and some gals i go with love it, i used to be in the miority but thanks to common sence circumcising is not so popular these days listen if it was there in the first place its ment to be there.born uk now living australia

I guess I prefer cut slightly, but that’s mostly I think because I’m a North American guy of a certain age - every dick I saw for the longest time was cut, so when I finally saw an uncut one I kind of did a double-take. And I’m cut myself, so I suppose it’s familiarity. Although provided the gentleman bathes competently, it really doesn’t make much difference.

is it possible to have a foreskin put on a circumcised penis.?

Circumcision is mayhem without the victim’s consent. It desensitized the glans, forcing the man to work several times as hard to get off. It also deprives a man his right to be able to put the cheeze to cocksuckers who need/want it. I prefer taking a cut man anally because he can ream ass better with less chance of harming himself (circumcision’s only redeeming value). I prefer to suck uncut men and I do like cheese and the kind of studs who like to put the cheese to cocksuckers. I’m uncut and also like doing the same to the cocksuckers I use. The only bad aspect of being whole is not being able to rip ass like my cut peers can.

I’ve never had a circumcized lover who seemed any less sensitive.

As an uncut man I’ve never hurt myself once doing what I love best to do.

I’m a 62 yr old uncut man, so I’ve had a long time to hear and read about the value of being cut (or not). A common theme (although maybe less-so now) is the cleanliness issue. Its in the first comment posted in this thread, “Though being cut, I donít have to worry about cleaning under any foreskin, thatís one plus I enjoy.” This one has always amazed me. Pulling back my foreskin when I bathe is and always has been part of my routine. It takes what, a couple of seconds if I want it to. that’s something to worry about? Besides, its fun. Good grief, the things people worry about.

I prefer uncut, I was under the infulence of rumours going around for a while, but after reading up on the subject and talking to a very close friend of mine, I now prefer uncut. but only if they are clean, i’ve known my share of dirty & uncut- and it’s not a pleasant sight. There are so many advantages of being uncut, but only one of being cut. Less effort. Which in my mind is stupid due to the fact a lazy man prefers to be cut and that is a conceited man. I know that might not make sense to everyone but if there’s a lazy man he won’t find effort for many things- even his lover. alright, that still might not make sense but it does to me.

Being uncut as an american teenager, I was uncomfortable with it..I was the only one in my gym class that had foreskin…But now that I am 38, I am so glad that I am uncut…I have never had 1 complaint from any one I have had sex with…and when other men see me naked, they act sort of envious that they are not uncut…But really, if your educated about foreskin hygene and in love…why does cut or uncut…or even dick size matter?

The cleanliness issue is bonk. If being circumcised for hygene was so important, wouldn’t it be done to male dogs as well as humans (or any animal, for that matter). People need to quit fooling themselves. For example, it would be considered inhumane to circumcise an animal, even though animals are obviously much dirtier than people (at least I would think they would be). It would even be inhumane to circumcise a pig (an animal that would be eventually eaten anyway) but for some reason people don’t have problems with circumcising a little baby boy. Circumcision, much like abortion, is another sign of the devaluing of HUMAN life in our society simply for the purpose of convenience. Abortion is convenient for people who aren’t willing to take responsibility for their actions, and circumcision is convenient for a doctor’s wallet. Most people don’t think logically. If circumcision were a big deal for humans, it would have to be important that animals be circumcised, right? But it can’t be that important for your hygene, because if it were then all male animals would be circumcised. If only people could think beyond what everybody else is doing (or has done, in this case), then no man would ever be circumcised.

Neat website :)

I have been uncut my whole life … and I just don’t understand the whole cleanliness thing. Whether you are cut or uncut, you wash your dick. Is that not common sense?

I believe the reason the originally circumsized boys was to prevent disease. Now that that has been disproved, it is up to the parents. Personally I dont think it should be up to someones parents if their penis is circumsized or not - they are not the ones who live with the decision their whole lives. I dont decide my parents hair cut, they shouldn’t decide if I should be cut or not.

My 2 cents worth :)


My man is uncut and I love him like that. Having had sex with both cut and uncut he definitely has more sensation uncut. Obviously the glans would become desensitized if exposed forever so doesn’t that make sense.. Men who have been circumsized since birth wouldn’t know what they are missing. Most of us would agree that female circumcision is uneccessary and quite horrible so how is it any different for men?

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Value of foreskin.

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