Wanking (as the Brits call it)

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I read in a guy's Live Journal that the writer had lost a LJ 'friend' because he confessed his mom came in his room while he was jacking off. Dropping somebody for a masturbation entry is as silly as dropping somebody for writing about their need to breathe.

I started to write that masturbation must be as old as the primeval slime managing to form both genitals and hands. Probably true but it wouldn't have really gotten cranked up until social bonding got going and sexuality was refracted through the power of others.

Do you remember the first time you masturbated? I do. My friend Victor told me about it and I did it in the tub that night. Ejaculation was achieved but wasn't exciting. Later like most every virginal adolescent I became addicted and it became the focus of school holidays with whatever drawings, photos or memories of girls I could find. (You ask and I answer: I remember crazy with lust over a tanned blonde boy when I was fourteen. Not even knowing the word homosexual there were never any fantasies that I can remember. Can't say what happened when I was asleep).

Beating your meat, as it was known in my junior high, has to be the most routine sexual satisfaction. Sadly, many folks probably think themselves losers for doing it. Even happily in love people have need of it sometimes.

I'd say it has to be as good as a hustler or hooker but the established practice of mankind would prove me wrong. Guys who pay $50 for a quick hand job aren't looking for the esteem of their peers. That men in prison will shove it in into anybody they can get may argue for the latent bisexuality of the race. But realistically it is a testament for the craving for something other than your own flesh.

More proof that humankind is nutty if you ask me. Sex is 90% mental; the other half is physical as Casey Stengel said of baseball. The satisfaction of sucking cock or getting fucked is evidence enough. Plenty of gay men want only to be fucked; they are amazingly indifferent to having their penis explode. (Bottoms who have orgasm are folks I only know about from reading. I did know a Domme who would stimulate her male slaves' prostate gland so they'd have an ejaculation without orgasm. Kind of mean, huh?)

What about me? Yeah, I like my own orgasm the best. I think the reason I like performing fellatio second best is I'm still on top in a sense, the actor. Getting screwed is OK. I like it. But it is often merely pleasant. I envy the guys who find it so overwhelming that they come.

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