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I've never been a fan of marriage. But I do want to be able to visit my partner in the hospital and make sure he inherits my property. Internet gay marriage website:

I do support the right of every American to marry, including gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender couples. I believe that marriage and other civil rights protections are essential to making all families safer and more secure.

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I thought the point of this country was freedom. I am grateful for the freedoms we do have but equal rights should be included. If you believe in equal rights regardless of race, gender, or religion then sexual oriantation should be included. The major opposition is religious therefore making it an issue of separation of church and state. Two athiests can marry and have all the legal benifits of marriage as long as they are of different genders, so two people of the same gender should be provided those same rights without religious issues.

There will always be silly limits on personal limits as long as Christian fundamentalists are a major political power.

What gives you (the goverment) the right to tell me who I cannot marry. Come into the next Century. Why doesn’t the governement look at gay marraige from the financial side. Dual taxes, medical benefits, loans, child support. There are so many things that could change the economy if the so called 1% ers were allowed those tax deductions as well.

Why can’t I be in love. Why do I have to feel I have to hide to be happy. I can’t choose who I fall in love with anymore than the next person. I’d bet not one single person falls in love with their ‘ideal woman/man’ we created as we grew up. You can’t choose not to fall in love with someone depending on height, weight, skin color, eye color, hair color. It just happens. I want to have the same rights as everyone else. I want to know when I die our kids will be safe. I want to know that everything we have created together will be with my soul mate and not auctioned on EBay. What does it matter who I love. Please accept the gay and lesbian communitee as we have accepted everyone else as who they are, regardless of race, beliefs and disabilities.

Gay men and women must understand that Christian Fundamentalists and right-wing Republicans (some of whom are secular) are the enemy.

They think our love is disgusting, evil or both. They can’t be reasoned with. Just fought.

First and foremost, I am a christian. But, I also am a strong supporter of the constitution. Regardless of whether same sex marriage is wrong according to the Bible, there is this principle of seperation from church and state. Marriage is a privilege and as stated in the 14th Amendment, “… No State shall make or enforce any laws which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States…” . What will be next, taking away the right to suffrage for the gay community? It seems as though we have been down this road before, first with African-Americans, then with women. Let’s not let it happen again.


I do know that there are a few decent Christians like yourself. Sadly, the Republican party as it is currently exists sees many votes and lots of money in opposing gay marriage.


even though i myself am straight, i strongly believe in that gays and lesbians should have all of the same rights reguarding marraige, adoption, work, etc. people act as though being of a different sexual orientation is like being from another planet or being another species. people are people and who they fall in love with doesnt make them bad.

Hi, How r u. I m perfectly allright. U r very duffer. Ur web page is also alike u. I think u don’t know any thing about marriage. BYE Mr.DUFFER.

gays/lesbians have the right to get married just like anyone else!


i only have but one life to live and id like to live it as an equal. i want to be able to marry the woman that i love and live happily until i die. who is to deny me of that right as a human? if god has a plan for every one, whose to tell him that this wasnt his plan for me? “In leviticus 18:22 homosexuality is considered an abomination yet also in leviticus 11:10 eating shell fish is an abomination also” should all things be taken literally????

Hi i’m amy. I am an 18 year old proud lesbian. in my english class at college we were told to write a paper on something that “triggers” us. The issue of gay marriage huts me hard because i one day would like to marry the woman i love and get all the same rights as everyone else. I need some information on acts and bills that the government has and has not passed to supress the gay community. If anyone has any facts that they can give me I think i could right a great paper for my english class ( that is if i dont get so pissed whille writting it that i just decide to change the topic. I can only take so much untill i get pissed.) You can email me at silverstar524@aol.com Thanks for your help

Yes…..we as people are given the freedom of choice. God gave this to us. Recognising anothers choosen path is respectful. Giving it a name, such as marraige between same sex is rediculious. Marraige was stated by God, as a union between male and female. Why do gays have a need to bring an obvious relgious controversy in the form of an ammendment. If you are a gay couple and you want to marry, fine!!! Ask the law makers to recognise your marraige in the form of taxes and ownership of shared property. This is a fight of rebelion same sex souls. Your fight is in vain. Although I respect each individuals choice, this doesn’t make the choice right. Not everything one wants is neccesarily the best choice. Thank you. (my opinion means something)

I am completely estatic knowing that I now have the legal right to marry my girlfriend if I choose to do that.

To the Amy who wrote her comments on, Nov. 16th. Here is one good piece of advise, if a writing career is going to benifit everyone. 1) proof your writing. 2) Manage to keep your temper under control 3) Then there is the whole idea of producing a story without prejudice. How many parents gave their screaming children what they wanted, just because that’s what they wanted. You are young, and will someday learn that a choice is a choice. Someday you won’t have the luxery to call yourself gay because of gentics. Which, by the way is a means of people helping with their conscious. Nothing bugs me more then for society to funnel excuses from one generation to another. May gays could begin a trend and actually except responsiblity for the choices they make. Then maybe as a whole our country will begin to heal. “That’s right…!!!”

Does our symbol of freedom not say ” Give me your tired, your weak your poor?”.. Well we are the tired. We are tired of being ignored and stepped on like 18th century prostitutes. We are human beings and in a land of such “tolerance” this should disgust every American gay or straight. I know I have had enough of my government over stepping it’s boundaries by infringing on MY definition of ” Pursuit of happiness”, as Jefferson once wrote in the document we consider to be our Declaration of Independence. We, as every American does, deserve to be free. Free to live our lives, free to make choices that does not concern our government and free from persecution.

I don’t see why homosexuals do not have the same rights as straight people do. I mean, if you can choose any religion that you want, then you should also be able to marry however you want (If your adults) So as it basically says in the constitution, let people do what they want! Its that simple!

Natuarly, being a gay woman, I’ve always felt down-hearted at the thought of being unabled to consider getting married. Being younger than some I do not quite focus my attention on the financial, legal or circumstantial advances this would create for the gay community. The important word here would actually BE community. I’m happy with knowing that I and everyone else who enjoys a loving realationship can share the same stance in a society where so many are discriminated against or treated differently because they are in the minority. I would agree that these kinds of marriages should not be ordained by the church, or at that do not even have to go by the same title ‘marriage’. What is required is a joining of two people who will then share the same rights and possibly even more of the same regard as everyone else in society. It need not distrupt what has been tradition to the majority, as some of the suggestions made by parliment, which are then fuelled by the media, look certain to cause a conflict between those who also have other needs and opinions within our society. All I want is rights and recognition that I share the same love and intent as anyone else in our country.

I personally am not gay but agree with the fact that anyone should have the right to marry whomever they want.

I think that gays should have all of the same rights as heterosexuals, and that as far as marraige goes, gays should be more than welcome to partake in both its emotional ties, and its political logistics.

I signed this awhile back. The world is evolving, life is evolving, it’s time for people to catch up.

I’m heterosexual, married & always liked men. But, that’s my choice. Just like eating spinach. My choice. If you don’t like it, fine; that’s your choice. I don’t sneer at others who don’t like it. Life’s full of choices. Choices that are nobody’s business but the person doing the choosing.

People need to keep their noses out of other people’s bedrooms and work on their own righteous and bigoted views. Time’s are changing. Times have always changed and they’ll keep on doing that. Regardless of those who bitch and moan.

They debate about this in my local paper. It drives me nuts. They recently had a city meeting to see if landlords could discriminate against same sex couples. WTF, people?? If they pay their rent, who the fuck cares??

All these bible thumpers running around spouting off passages drives me insane. And, they’re usually the ones who end up lonely and full of bitterness. It’s so nice to backstab and talk about others, putting themselves on a pedastal above others. One day they’ll be in an accident and the EMT or the emergency room doctor might have a same sex lover. Guess it’d be ok, then, huh?? Freakin’ hippocrites!!!

I fully agree with what’s at the top of this page:

I do support the right of every American to marry, including gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender couples. I believe that marriage and other civil rights protections are essential to making all families safer and more secure.

Why can others marry whomever they want and I cannot? How can “they” scream about equality forever but yet try to ban marraige for a certain people. My favorite excuse is “we need to protect the sanctity of marraige. The divorce rate of heterosexual marraige is over 50% in 2004. It doesn’t look like many of these people consider a sanctity in marraige at all. Yet if two men/women have true love for one another, how can that option of marraige be taken from them. This is going to sound so cliche, but what we need is more acceptance, love, and peace and less restrictions and hate. I know I don’t know all the “facts” but I do know what I feel. Thanks for your time.

None of us are free until ALL of us are free. The opposition has an organized political group—do we? Please let me know so I can get involved!

i franky am against the institution of marriage as it exists in 2004. Equal benefits for all. man woman or those in between and their respective partners. I see no reason that a governement who can not even get along with the rest of the world, should have a right to tell me that whomever i sleep with, is wrong and will be denied benefits. The US governement can’t even be in a decent relationship with thte rest of the world. The government sucks……stay out of my relationship

First and formost I am verry inspired by all the opions posted. JUst by reading all these stands people have took seems to to show that a small revolution in our marriage rights it’s near. I’m sorry to ecery homo couple that are madly in love with each other and cannot marry. Stay strong and be their for eachother. EVeryone speaking out and arguing for our rights of equality is really crucial to gaing equality………..

First no political or religious belifes myself…other than i cant wait till bush is gone. the gay population has grown due to the tele telling kiddies it’s cool{much like 10 years ago smoking was cool} I live in a very small town got a queer club at a high school around here…i asked a couple of kid’s why they became gay…the first response was cause i’m not understood..second response was I’t pisses my family off…the third response was i’m not really gay I just wanted to see who would notice

I am a 31 year old lesbian who someday will eventually think of tying the knot with some lovely woman but as things are going these days we have to keep fighting for our rights. The Stronger we fight the least time it will take to have our rights. I feel i am among the people that are discriminated against like blacks and other ethnic backgrounds that have fought for so long for their rights as human beings. I used to live in fear of what people thought of my lifestyle, but not anymore and that is why we need to stop living and fear and fight for what is rightfully ours. NEVER STOP FIGHTING. Great love for all my fellow gay and lesbian friends. I am also a christian that believes that we will overcome evil in our government. Mel

dude, you spelled marriage wrong.

I am a 20ear old lesbian who was recently denied access to live in an apartment complex that isnt equal housing ….. Me and my girlfriend have are madly in love and never will be able to become married if we keep bush in office and let kerry in…everyone needs to vote on getting bush out and not letting kerry in…

why don’t gay people start righting on paper money “gay money” that would make the goverment stand up and take notice! we did that in Canada! and it cost our goverment, money to reprint the money that was defaced!

There were many state laws 100 years ago against couples of different races marrying each other. Prohibiting gay marriage will look as absurd and immoral as that ban does now in a generation or 2. I hope we don’t have to wait so long. Enlightenment always has an uphill battle but I’ll continue to be for it! In this information age things should move faster. Keep hope alive!

I beleive you fall in love with the soul and not the body, If people would like to have it that way let them, it is there business and for the people who are not homosexual why should it matter to them. Also religion should not have any part in this. THis is most likely going to turn into a religion and rights war. What happen to the United states of America and what it stood for freedom, diversity, and if everyone where the same the world would be boring. people have there beleifs so why not let them have theirs.

As a community we have much more power than we think. The gays and lesbians that have gone before us had a much tougher, (and more Violent) fight than we do. Its time we need to stand together and fight for our civil rights. I have recently heard of the “gay money” idea thats a start but more letters need to be written , protests,How about each and every day we flood city halls with petitions for marriage license’s yeah, they will deny it but they still have to do the paperwork. Please help think of Ideas to further our rights.Lets show the government just how strong we actually can be. The time for being afraid is over Come out stand proud , And lets make a difference .

I am not a biggot or anything. I would just like some of you in the gay community to answer a few of my questions. First, Why do you want homosexual marraige to be legalized? Well, really I can answer that one for myself.. You want to be able to have benefits and everything for your family but, what if you could get this without being married? What if you could legally get all of these things without being married? I just think that marraige should not be just for you to be able to say “WOW! Were married now” well… What exactly is marraige. It was really started by the Jews in the context of a man and a woman being bonded together for pro-creation and love. And, what changing the constitution to allowing gay marraige is doing is just making marraige become nothing sacred at all. This whole thing will make marraige seem like you use it as a symbol to show that “We love eachother so much that we went and got married.” That is what I am seeing in all of these peoples posts that are pro gay marraige. To me, gay couples do not bother me at all. I never talk crap about homosexuals. I think that the gay community overall are very good people. I just do not think that gay marraige is a good idea for this country. Thank you so much for reading my opinion and God bless.

I would like to respond to Tinkerbell, who posted on Nov. 19th. You’re opinion means something but I can’t really tell what. So you think gays and lesbians are trying to make an ammendmant? Or you think they want more than recognition from thier community of thier love? You just really confused me because, as I see it, the issue here is that American affluent (christian) society would like to put a choke hold on any person who threatens thier religiously protected world view. (I know I used to be one).I understand that this does not include all christians but it’s really beginning to make me sick how many christians throw around this word choice, why would anyone CHOOSE to be loathed by 62% of Americans? The real choice available is this.. we have a choice to except one another and offer equal access to happiness to everyone, this is something I think your god would approve of. -deborah

I don’t believe that people should have the right to gay marraige. God made us man and women if did want gay he would not made Eve to be with adam.

I believe that same sex couples should have the same rights as opposite sex couples, it’s none of my concern what two consenting adults; same sex or opposite sex, do behind their own closed doors. If we are all Gods creatures living under the same sky, breathing the same air, why can’t we live our lives of the same accord? Marriage should be an institution of love and commitment and raising children should follow suite. It should not be defined by a mating ritual.

I understand that there is a sense of homophobia as proposed by religious beliefs and statements by people in power. However, we are speaking about equality and making sure that each hardworking American receives equal protection and benefits. As the constitution states, all men are created equal. Others say that marriage is going to be broken by same sex couples being given the right to marry. Look around society today and see the significant number of failed marriages. If people want to protect marriage, learn from the loving relationships that same sex couples have toward each other. Embrace diversity and fellow loving human beings. Give us our right to marry and give us our equality.

You Are all Wierdos

I think all gay couples should have the right to a marraige license, but should not be able to perform a ceremony in a church enviroment. The Lord does not approve of this, infact he say it’s an ibomination (or however you spell it)in the Bible.

hello i am a 22 yr old gay male and i have never been so hrut in my life as far as others thinking that our love for one another is sick. i got news for you it isent. the love i share for my mate is unconditional as well as anyone else in this world carrys for there soul mate. when i was in high school the student and staff reuined my life becasue they found out i was gay and made it hard for me to cope they were rude and violent to me i was adventuallt forced to leave the school, it was the most hurtful day in my life to see my education go down the drain. buttoday i ama stronger person for those reasons, but i iwll never thank them for beiong rude to me someday they will get what they deserve. as far as religious terms i feel this way i believe in god and i say my prayers everynight i go to church on sundays and whenim there i repent my sins just like you od and if being with the same sex is a sin then god will forgive me for it to as well as he does you for you. keepin mind that we are human beings that live in the united states and we should be able to enjoy being free and we should be able to secure our assets with on another and live as normal and as freely as you do with you everyday lifes. im not gonna give up for i have given up tp much already in live due to the ignorance of other people. pull your heads out of your a—-s and think of how we feel to. closing with determination. james f a

I am a God fearing gay follower of Jesus. I have heard some say God created maraige as man and woman, I would like to know here these people saw this because it is not in the bible. No where in the Bible does it say any thing against homosexuality persay. Only once in the bible does the mention of male/male interaction in any sence to be wrong, this is when Moses said man shall not lie with man as man lies ith a woman. At that point in time Moses could have said any thing he chose and the people saw it as Gods word. Also that was a time where procreation was important, man cannot procreate with man. Moses also according to scripture know was denied the right to go on to the ‘promised land’ as he had ‘led Gods people astray’. What more need I say he created his own laws when he had the chance to do so. Jesus by the Bibles record did not ever condem Homosexuality. Imorality is mentioned in the bible but is not ever defined in any said way. By the united States Constitution grants all people equal rights, Not all strait people. If Gay’s want to marry they should have the right to do so. If marraige is to be denied deny it to strait couples also. Homophobie must stop. Gay’s are no threat to strait couples. If anyone wants to ban anything for homosexuals at least give a intelegent reason for such.

Stand and be counted in the vote for marital equality

In the early 1900’s the world was a very different place, and even in the “age of isms”, the early colonial people couldn’t have imagined or predicted how drastically America and its people would change in the 21st century. In 1900, the average life expectancy in the US was forty-seven and with only 14 percent of households equip with bathtubs, that’s no wonder. In the1920’s the creation and the use of cathode ray tube to produce television images lead to the Patent for the iconoscope, the forerunner of the picture tube. Twenty years later came the birth of black and white Television in the American household. Although there were fewer than 7,000 working TV sets in the country, with only 9 stations, there was no denying the impact television had on the American people. By the late1940’s racial tensions had escalated and demonstrations were orchestrated for voting rights and at the same time school integration was introduced. With each march they grew stronger and then in 1963 a single voice rose above the movement, to speak for the people and thanks to that black and white picture tube Americans were able to see and hear Dr Martin Luther King broadcast to the world his beloved, “I have a dream”, speech. Talk about changes. Boy, have people come a long way since then! Now just about every household in America has TV’s in every room, the average person lives to be Seventy-seven years old and although racial tensions still exists, slavery and oppression have been abolished, and that is just the tip of the iceberg as far as changes go. Americans have been fighting for equality in one shape or form from the beginning of time. Many battles have been waged and won. Almost every step that has been taken to advance equal rights in this country has rocked our world a little, at first, but the people saw that bringing forth our differences and mixing them together into America’s melting pot of equality have strengthened us all. That is why it is not only our right but our duty to take a stand and be counted in the vote for marital equality.

Under current California law, and every other state in the union, except Vermont, who recognizes a civil union, same-sex couples are prevented from entering into civil marriage. Marriage provides hundreds of rights, benefits, and protections. The consequences of being excluded from these protections hinder lesbian and gay couples and their families in virtually every aspect of daily life – from purchasing automobile insurance to providing legal and financial security for their children. Not to mention (1) the right to hospital visitation; (2) the right to sue for wrongful death or infliction of emotional distress when a partner is killed or injured; (3) the right to use the stepparent adoption procedures; (3) the right to take sick leave to care for a domestic partner; (4) the right to make medical decisions for an incapacitated domestic partner; (5) the right to file for disability benefits on behalf of a disabled partner; (6) the right to be appointed conservator and make legal and financial decisions on behalf of an incapacitated partner; (7) the right to receive unemployment benefits if a partner must quit her job and relocate to accommodate for a partner’s job; (8) the right to continued health insurance coverage for domestic partners and children of deceased state employees and retirees; and (9) the right to death benefits and survivor’s allowances for surviving partners of county employees in selected counties. These are just a handful of the rights that are not available to same sex couples. While these rights are important and significant, they are only a small portion of the hundreds of rights and benefits afforded through marriage. None of the marital rights and benefits listed in this document is currently available to registered domestic partners in California or the other 49 states for that matter, and only a small portion have been granted to civil unions issued in Vermont. This is just not right! It is time for the American people to once again see the cruel injustice, stand up for the under dog, and in the great spirit of human equality unite to change history as our forefathers have done before us.

Think back to a time, not so long ago, when supporters of the Equal Rights Amendment by the thousands lobbied, marched, rallied, petitioned, picketed, went on hunger strikes, and committed acts of civil disobedience to get the point across. It is very likely, that many of them were not aware of their place in the history of women’s struggle for constitutional equality in the United States, or the desegregation of blacks in the 1960’s. From the very beginning, the inequality of men and women under the Constitution has been an issue for debate. The new Constitution’s promised rights were fully available, but only to the wealthy white males. Women were treated according to social tradition and English common law and were denied most legal rights. In general they could not vote, own property, keep their own wages, or even have custody of their children. After the Civil War, Susan B. Anthony, and Sojourner Truth fought with all they had to have women included in new constitutional amendments giving rights to former slaves. The 14th Amendment defined citizens as "all persons born or naturalized in the United States" and guaranteed equal protection of the laws – but, it introduced the word "male" into the Constitution for the first time. The 15th Amendment declared that "the rights of citizens . . . to vote shall not be denied or edited . . . on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude" – but women of all races were still denied the ballot. While women may be citizens, all citizens were not necessarily voters, and states were not required to allow women to vote. The new century saw a profound change in the lives of women, as they joined the workforce in increasing numbers, and finally generated enough mass power to win the vote. In 1962, over a century after the fight to end slavery women had a voice and came together and have forever changed our world. The struggles women have over come and the walls of racial equality that have been broken down are not so different then the barriers that Gay and lesbian are fighting to break down today. Women were denied the rights of citizens based solely on the fact that they were female and gays are being denied the rights and privileges afforded through marriage solely based on their sexual orientation.

The difference between the struggles made to fight the war for women’s right or the desegregation of blacks in the 1960’s and gay marriage issues of today are few and far between. The major difference between the equal rights movement of yesterday and battles of marital equality for gays and lesbians today are the advantages technologies have given this generation of freedom fighters. The cards have dealt an upper hand for these warriors by providing a forum from which they have unbounded accessibility to reach the masses and spread the word to all, in virtual anonymity. In the past freedom fighters were not able to speak in public to get the support they needed to win the fight. They had to conduct secret meetings in the dark of night in order to rally the supporters they needed to make their voice heard. Often the leaders of the freedom revolution were hanged, jailed or permanently silenced by the government or even members of their own community. Today Gays and Lesbians have a voice and will be heard. In the spirit of honoring our right to free speech, it is our duty to continue fighting for the cause. One persons voice can make the difference. A poll, conducted by whatthenationthinks.com, via the internet, asked the people, “Should gay marriage be legalized”? The poll is still in circulation and so far is yielding a surprisingly split decision on the matter. The poll has logged 1,308,000.. votes, and currently lists 46% of the voters claim “Everyone deserves equality”, 4% say “I think so”, another 4% say “I still need convincing”, and the remaining 46% are adamantly against the legalization of gay marriage. Luckily those apposed to the idea are not out numbering the people who support our cause. Over 7,000 fair-minded Americans signed-up to “Meetup” to oppose an anti-gay amendment to the U.S. Constitution during the week following the launch of the Human Rights Campaign’s. We can increase the number of supporters by educating the ignorant and intolerant opposition. The fact is millions of people now have access to the Internet, the World Wide Web, and cable television and with these great freeways of information at our fingertips we can arm our selves by sharing our stories, by writing our congressmen and by relentlessly working to break down the barriers that have been fueled by prejudice assumptions and sexual insecurity about the gay and lesbian lifestyle. There are those who are disgusted by the very thought of homosexuality. They believe that being gay or lesbian is a choice and that gay and lesbians selfishly choose to lead a sinful and immoral lifestyle. The opposition claims that the sanctity of marriage would be destroyed if gays were granted the right and they weight their case against marital equality solely on the written words that define marriage as a union between man and woman or verses in the bible such as Leviticus 18:22 states the principle: You [masculine] shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.” The second (Lev. 20:13) adds the penalty: “If a man lies with a male as a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall be put to death, their blood is upon them.” The problem with this defense is the possibility to interpret the written word which leads to two distinct and contradictory sets of beliefs within Christianity on just about every topic. Homosexuality is no exception. But we disagree with the Bible on most other sexual acts. The Bible condemned the following behaviors which are generally allowed in this day and age: intercourse during menstruation, celibacy, exogamy (marriage with non-Jews), naming sexual organs, nudity (under certain conditions), and masturbation or birth control. The bible regarded semen and menstrual blood as unclean, which most of us do not. Likewise, the bible was accepting of behaviors that we today condemn such as prostitution, polygamy, levirate marriage, sex with slaves, treatment of women as property, and very early marriage (for the girl, age 11-13)

The fact is people are going to believe what they want to believe. Some will point to the scriptures as fact, and ignore all reasonable argument, others will be able to see the justice in voting for freedom and equality and there is always that group of people who would rather no be involved and take no stand. Before deciding one way or another imagine for a moment, what the world could be like if people would stop fighting to take freedoms away from each other and start to be more tolerant of the differences in lifestyles, opinions and personalities that make being an American something to be proud of. Seventy eight percent of American people want to be married sometime in their life and twenty two percent don’t but shouldn’t they still have the option. I have faith in America and believe that someday soon people will come together and follow in the footsteps of the heroes that sacrificed their lives to ensure our freedoms. Take a stand just as Rosa Parks, Susan B Anthony and Martin Luther King did to change the future for us. We can make a sure that our children and all people no matter what gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation are allowed the right to be married if they so choose.

i am a heterosexual female and i am very pro gay rights. the gay marraige issue is an issue of civil rights. our constitition says that we, citizens of the united states, deserve “equality under the law.” period. however, not every american citizen has equal rights.and why not? because a person loves another of the same gender? another thing that really bothers me is conservatives say that gays can have the same benefits as a married couple, but you cant call it marraige…again, i ask why not? because marraige is suppose to be between a man and a women for procreation? what if a heterosexual couple decided not to have kids? does that mean that they are still married? religion has no importance in this issue anyways. marraige should be a celebration of love. gays should not have to settle for civil unions. thank you.

Im only 15 and im a gay male. And when I get older I want to have a family(legal family that is) and I want to get married and have a life too. Im in love with someone very dearly to me and I want to feel that I can have a family with him. Even though we can have kids but we can adopted or somthing. I have just the same right as heterosexuals do and im gonna always remember that. God make us all the same and we will always be the same. Im no different then other guys. WE all have red blood(I hope so lol), we all have a heart, lungs, liver, and so on. thank you

steven( gay_guy408@yahoo.com)

May GOD have mercy on your soul.

I wonder how true the statement is that a friend of mine made could be. He stated that once Gay marraige is legalized, then they can go after the church for teaching “hate teaching” toward the gay culture as a whole; as the bible teaches to be against any form of homosexual activity.

Excuse my language, but, I think the Christians and Fundamentalists should blow it out their ass! I am bisexual and proud, godammit!

People can’t control love. How many times have you seen people run off with the completely wrong person because of random, unconditional love. Who cares what sex you are? Love is for everyone. The Christians are the ones who oppose everything. This controversy is of their making!

I mean, C’mon, who started the Crusades? The Salem Witchcraft Trails? If we didn’t have government protection we’d all be stoned or hanged and you guys know it!

I’m a proud bisexual and a Wiccan. Double wammy for some of those uptight religous freaks. I have no doubt in my mind that there should be a separation of church and state. I certainly don’t want to be forced to worship something I don’t beleive and surely they don’t want MY religous worship to be exposed either.

If they would just get over it and realize that love is just love. Love never killed anyone. Discrimination, hatred, contoversy, differential views of right and wrong, and brainwashing environments (such as the church) are the ones that destroyed humanity.

I have one thing to say to all opposers of gay marraige: How would you like it if the Church said you’re not allowed to marry? Everyone else can but YOU can’t. Because you’re white, because you’re black, because you’re mexican, because you are oriental, because you are a woman, because you are a man, because you are poor, or because of your religous worship? Or just because of who you fell in love with.

Get a grip people. Be human. Be more understanding. The world will fall apart if we don’t. The world will fall apart if we cannot support love.

Love is beautiful in any form.

Fun Fact: Did anyone know that Shakespeare was bisexual? His poem that begins with the lines: “How I love thee, let me count the ways…” , that was written for a man. For one of his lovers.

Take it from Shakespeare everyone! He knows love!

To my fellow gay marriage supporters: Keep your heads held high. We will fight for what we deserve. There is no shame!

Love, Mandi

I have stood up in many weddings which the marraiges have only lasted from 3 weeks to less than a year. I know a few same sex couples who have been together from one couple 3 years together to another that has been together for over 20 years. So, if these couples can live together for longer than a straight couple why not let them have the same rights. Some day I hope to find the love of my life and be able to live and love like anyone else. Separation from church and state can the government do it? Your religion can not be put down or what or who you believe in, but a piece of paper between two people can? Freedom… Love… Happiness… Either side… No one can have all three.

Im 15 and I’m bisexual. I beleive that most homophobes are asses. I can not stand that bush and other people want gay marrage to be Illegal. And so, I can only hope that they can learn that gays and lesbos can be married.


You guys can all get married on jerry springer. :) or in different countries and states some support it

I’m all for Gay Marriages.

Marriage is a form of committed relationship that only those ‘intimately involved’ should decide on, regardless of gender combination. The government’s role should only be to register and uphold the marriage as a contract, not block it.

Yes in leviticus homosexuality is considered an abomination for a reason. Shell fish is also for a reason, it can carry deseases that they would not be able to cook outof it. Its the same way with pork. If you dont take the bible seriously what do you take seriously. What do you base your life on? If its the 10 comandments then you can’t say that the bible isnt true. If its what you feel is right, well people’s feelings change like the wind. If its what you think is right,well man’s views on most issues changes over time.If homosexuallity is right then is adultury(lev. 18:20)? Cheating and having sex with another person’s spouse is no different than homosexuality, if there is no inherant right or wrong. Why do people constantly blame the Christians? Other religions such as Islam and Hinduism are against homosexuality also. I think that homosexuality is the minor issue in the face of the greater issue, sin. Jesus Christ died for homosexuals and heterosexuals alike!

what’s happening to our society? what will happen to our kids, ? what will happen to them when uncle ben wants want to be step mom, are you people crazy????????

I have been with my girlfriend for a while now. i think that marriage should be for the couples that want to be together the rest of their lives and it should matters what the gender is. i want to marry my gf and we should br able to without soemone saying its wrong

iM 15 anD im a gAy tEEN And whEn i aM abLE to gEt mArrieD i hoPe gAy marriAge is AlloweD.

I think that gay marriage shouldnt have such a huge effect on society. The gay and lesbian marraige thing shouldn’t come into any question. They have just as much rights as we do. Thats pretty much predjudice. There’s no reason for it. What people do when it comes to the person they love is none of the country’s business. It doesnt matter if they get married or not. They still act just like normal couples. So why even bother not letting them get married if they are goin to act the same way in front of people. We might as well give them an opprotunity that they want or deserve. Most people want to get married in their lifetime and just because people are to inconsiderate of what others feel they can’t. I believe that this is wrong to tell people that live in a country of freedom that they can’t marry some one they love just because they are the same sex. That is rediculous. Most people bring the bible and religious thing into this “debate” but there is no reason that should play in because everyone has different beilfs and everyone i mean everyone has sins and if thats considered a sin to marry another that has the same body pats so be it because no one is perfect. I think people need to think about the feeling of love and not the feeling that they see when they see 2 people of the same sex together. I would like anyone who wouldlike to talk with me or debate against me to i-m me or email me. I have debeted this issue in many places andin many ways. M y point is, is that everyone is to be treated equaly and everyone has freedom then why is this marrage thing anydifferent. They too should have that freedom and that equality. Thank You, Amber

I am a strong christian and believe that marraige is a sacred union that should only be between a man and a woman. I do not look down on homosexuals any more than I look down on myself. I believe it is a sin and a sin that is no greater than any sin that I have ever commited. By allowing anyone to get married regardless of race we are making marraige a joke. Marraige is a serious thing and it is only meant for a man and a woman.

In response to Anthony’s message, quote: [This whole thing will make marraige seem like you use it as a symbol to show that “We love eachother so much that we went and got married.” ]

Well… what better reason IS there for marraige than that you love someone so much that you want to marry and spend your life with them? Is it purely for procreation? Okay, then, only fertile people, or people who plan to have children, can marry??

I agree with one of the other posters above, that in a generation or two this will all seem as prejudiced to our children/grandchildren as the segregation of blacks and whites does to us now.

Equality means just that. Not all people are equal as long as they’re white/black/purple/male/female/straight/gay/smurfs/whatever… but simply all people are equal, without qualification. And we all deserve the same rights.

An addendum to my prior post; for the record, I’m Christian, and I’m bi. Is it a sin? Maybe so, but it’s not my first and won’t be my last. Our Constitution isn’t a Christian documnt; and even if it were, God hasn’t come down to Earth to amnd it and clarify for the masses. The Constitution is the law that governs our country. Only God can define a sin. Not the governmnt. And they shouldn’t try.

PS, had to misspell ‘documnt’, ‘amnd’, and ‘Governmnt’ because the word ‘m e n’ is blocked by the filter… that should be fixed. Most people don’t consider it a foul word, although I admit a few might argue that point :P

I believe that everyone has a right to fall in love and be married, if thatès what they choose. For that reason I believe that gay marriage should be legalized in Canada. If u have any strong feeling, and would like to discuss them, mail me at naomigirl43@hotmail.com

aside from the legal benifits that go with it, the primary purpose of marraige is love. love is a beautiful thing and two people in love should have the option of recognizing that love in a legally binding marraige. regardless of whether the people getting married are 2 men, a man and a woman, or 2 women. marraige is love. bottom line.

Homosexuality, like heterosexuality is not a choice. I do not choose to be attracted to men, I am attracted to men. And I am tired of hearing people talk about what goes on “behind closed doors.” Falling in love is about love, intimacy, sharing, laughing, having fun together, being soul mates, almost all can be done in public. Sex is, of course, a normal next step, but it is not what relationships, long term ones anyways, are all about. This belief among heterosexuals may be why the divorce rate is so high. In the same way, that I believe that people should be able to marry whoever they choose, I also believe that churches can not be forced to marry anyone they choose not to. Separation of church and state goes both ways. To the people who have a problem with churches who marry gay couples, and are worried about the sanctity of marriage, don’t go to a church that marries gay people, and don’t marry someone of the same sex, then the sanctity of your marriage is safe. (Note to all the fundamentalist christians - How does someone else’s relationship hurt you in anyway? The worst that it does, is gives you one more person to put on your “Goin’ to hell list”. And just remember the more people that go to hell, the better chance you have of getting in - only 144,000 spots open you know.) Thanks for letting me rant. Angie.

I am a straight teenage girl in a ignorant town. When I hear people making close-minded gay-jokes I cringe and tell them off. Tho I am not personally gay, I have many close friends who are. It seems quite unfair to me that if i wanted to, when I turned 18 i could run off to Vegas and marry some random old geezer soley for his money, divorce him 24 hours later and get most of his money. But two people of the same sex who have loved eachother for 75 years and devoted their lives, and made countless sacrafices and choices for eachother cannot be together in their last hours if one is on a hospital bed. Is that the “liberty and justice for all” the millions of children chant to our country every morning at school? I think not. The bible thumper who state that u are against g-d in being homosexual are wrong too. It may state in the bible that marraige is between a man and a woman, but it also states that g-d loves all his children equally. That’s crossed signals if you’re using that as an excuse. I am very open-minded and FOR gay marraige. Ignorance is no excuse. We demand should deman equality NOW.

no i would never support gay marraiges it is wrong in my eyes and many others and most of all gods eyes you are going to hell

see you there.

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