Where's the gay tentacle porn?

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OK, I don't have much of an aptitude for porn. No bragging. Pornography is healthy enough (maybe porn obsession isn't but much obsession isn't). I'm not sure that my strongly romanticized sexuality is.

I have a couple of questions:

People with peculiar names like egumkhguub send me "Important Information" about my chance to see giant cocks in small vaginas. What is the thrill? Most men don't have giant cocks - or zlmkiioq wouldn't be giving other opportunities - so I don't know how the average man could project himself into the fantasy. Just another variation of some het men's desire to hurt and humble women? (Are gay webmasters just lazy, I never get any of these featuring tiny anuses.)

Tentacle porn. Some years ago I looked forward to seeing Legend of the Overfiend. Acquired mostly from a small group of tasteless but ickily mesmerizing horror movies of the 70's and early 80's I enjoy being disturbed. Seeing the wicked cosmic entity send tentacles into women's orifices was more boring than disgusting. I don't see how any male (that I can imagine) can project him into the scenario. Is there gay tentacle porn?

I'm ignoring my own opinions about the possible 'moral' ugliness of these products. I simply do not get it.

Do you?


Reply to an LJ comment:

I’m not good at preposterous sexual fantasies. No kidding. When my submissive side was dominant (pun not intended) I’d fret to no end trying to figure out exactly how I’d be held in just the right position.

And I’m not much of a voyeur. I can’t imagine myself as a tentacled creature so it is hard to imagine projecting myself into the story.

More from LJ:

It has been years since I saw Overfiend but I never could even connect the tentacles with penises.

It was a feminine person that prompted my question. (Since she’s replied I can say that.) Rape fantasies aren’t that uncommon. I have my own fantasies about sexual surrender, helplessness.

To me the tentacle porn is asexual. I can’t see any erotic side to it.

I haven’t seen that many drawings, much less animation, that I can incorporate into my fantasies. I can work in the occasional pretty picture but mostly it is always people I’ve seen on the street or am aware of in some way.

Do you suppose there’s Warner Brothers cartoon slash?

Oh, having learned that some of the penis enlargement people have actually made hundreds of millions of dollars I don’t think much about it.

But the whole big penis in small vagina is about as baffling as it is disgusting.

All of these are LJ comment replies.

With giant cock, tiny cut we may have run into porn that is gender hatred based emerging from sexual frustration.

Both it and tentacle porn strike me as almost impersonal. I guess that my erotic empathy only goes so far.

No shame in that in these instances.

Yet more replies to folks on Live Journal:

I said: “Pornography is healthy enough.”

You replied: “I wonder about this […]”

Missed that the first time.

I think sexual fantasies are healthy. I can’t imagine a sane worldview of the human race that would exclude them. And sometimes a visual help is handy.

For me it is mostly pictures of pretty males and females. But with my S&M fantasies images of women with thigh-high boots and whips or boys in cages and metal collars have been very helpful.

Since it is possible to be emotionally sick in almost any manner imaginable some people are sexually ill.

I can imagine a case being made against some porn. I’m not sure I could agree. I’d say it isn’t the fantasy but the person having the fantasy.

So far I have only come across a single scene of gay tentacle sex in Japanese anime. That can be found in IMMA YOUJO - EPISODE 1. There is also a live-action Japanese film that has gay tentacle sex: SNAKE OF JUNE by Shinja Tsuakamoto.

I don’t know much about manga and anime. Is there much published in Japan directed at a gay male audience?

Big penis, small vagina?

I guess there is the possibility it evoked the idea of a ‘tight’ vagina. Tight is good. The vagina tightens at orgasm. Giving another person an orgasm is highly erotic and satisfying to some people. Maybe it is not as hateful as it seems. From a female perspective, the sensation of ‘fullness’ is pleasurable, the penis swelling slightly at (male) orgasm. Big size also indicates arousal. And the penis ‘feels’ big when she comes. So maybe not directed at men anyway?

Ofcourse there is also the issue of big man and little girl (virgin girl). THere are those who get off on the idea of entering virgin territory.

Tentacle porn?

Total overwhelming, many orifices plundered. A tentacle seems more ‘capable’ than a mere penis (bend it, wiggle it, stretch it), yet softer than a finger. And it has a centuries old tradition (yes, really).

Porn seems to me to be more passively arousing. Just nice stuff to look at (watch/read) whilst beating the bishop. I only ever fantasise about my significant other (although sometimes there’s a third party).

I have a fish in my pants! A tree and an old NES too! Want to see?

It is certainly traditional:


For a lighthearted view of the whole thing check the archives of Ghastly’s Ghastly Comic: Tentacle Monsters and the women who love them


Personally, I am entirely enraptured when i see these images. The more “full” she looks the more intense the throbbing - I never imagine a penis here… these images have more to do with what a mere penis cannot provide …

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Where's the gay tentacle porn?
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