Why I don't identify as bisexual

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From a reply to someone. Note to myself to try to develop this later.

I donít identify as bisexual because for me the word implies an inflexible relationship between masculine and feminine or androgynous persons. One of the reasons I call myself pansexual is I like to think I can appreciate the appeal and sexuality of individual nelly gay guys, andros, transvestites, transsexuals and people for whom no label has yet to be invented. And I like all of them.

When someone tells me they arenít attracted to gay men I feel a little nervous. It reminds me of a spooky feeling not uncommon among gay men of the generation prior to mine that only straight men were really masculine. In your case Iím going to assume you are describing your feeling for people whose sexuality you know since many gay, bisexual, straight men are indistinguishable.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Why I don't identify as bisexual.

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Why I don't identify as bisexual
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