Why pansexual sodomite?

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Damned United State of America.

When I say pansexual I say that I admire the fine curve of your backside but that whatever is or isnít in front is fine with me. My delight in your anterior curve isnít meant to suggest that Iíd neglect your penis or clitoris (or atypical development).

When I say sodomite my intent is to admit that whatever fleshly indifference I may feel that Iím a guy that likes guys. And that as long as long as the foolish, stupid, ignorant, backward country seeks to diminish the lives of gay males and females there is no choice for me to ignore my deep love and pleasure in your simple existence.

Besides Iím living with another guy, sweet weakling that he is. How could I not honor my days with him?


Hey! Take it easy!

You tried the Gay energy drink, didn’t you?


Guess I got carried away. Can’t remember what caused that outburst.

It is similar with me, I have great feeling for being tactile, rounded matter in flesh in guys, the body is material thing in every case, it is more pictorial, in sense caress and sight together are important

Your feelings?

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Pansexual Sodomite
Love and Lust
Why pansexual sodomite?
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