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Skinny blond youth.

When I discerned the lustability of other males I was attracted strictly to guys my own age or younger. Particularly the latter. This was actually what was in my mind when I wrote my prior post.

Sex was terrifically important to me for a time. Not just the pleasure of the act but the romance. Romance has been my downfall.

I feared that as I aged my taste in other males would remain static. I met older gay men who chased only after much younger guy. Youth that reciprocated the attention only if it were to their advantage.

Being pathetic in that fashion was frightening. I had this laughably foolish notion that my life would end at thirty. Commonplace nonsense that people surely still experience.

It was a relief the first time I looked at a man with gray in his hair and thought how good-looking!

Thankfully I grew older without becoming pathetic, at least not pathetic because I was older. With surprised delight I discovered that there are gay guys looking for older men. I never pursued this but never fought it off.

I know how sexually aggressive some very young gay boys can be. But I admit to wishing NAMBLA did not exist. These men are encouraging each other in the impossible.

I feel deeply sorry for older men who are attracted exclusively to younger males. Even very much younger. Like any other sexual orientation it can’t be changed only suppressed.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Younger Guys.

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