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My main hope for Alex right now is that she’ll seek some sort of training or education that will enable her to find work at better than the bottom of the economic ladder.

I’d like to think that her music career will eventually come to fruition. But there’s no escaping that the world is filled with tens of thousands if not millions of people trying to do the same. The sheer noise level of so many people seeking the same goal only impedes the likelihood of any one musician achieving success.

And I’ve often wondered if Alex has all of the necessary qualities. Talent is never enough. Visible artistic success also requires luck. And an artist must make some of his or her own luck. That takes drive and focus.

Drive gives you the power to work when you don’t want to. Thanks to drive you can force yourself to take care of needful tasks and necessary chores even if they are boring.

Focus keeps you at work. Prevents you from being distracted by things that don’t put you closer to your goal.

When she was young early computer games were one of Alex’s solaces: a virtual place to go where the cruelties of daily life could be escaped. And Alex has remained caught up in the games of childhood.

That disturbed me a bit for a couple of reasons. Normally we put these simple youthful pleasures aside so that we can focus on our maturing and the desires and necessities of adult life. After a time we return in a spirit of nostalgia. Too stay forever wrapped in them seems imposes too narrow a range on oneself.

Alex continued to devote so much time to these old games that I came to see it as an addiction. As an enslavement that kept her from devoting enough time to other parts of her life. As a focus that limited the focus she needed to bring to music. And other things.

This isn’t to belittle this passion of hers. But I’d rather she focus her time on things that will add value to her life when she’s in her forties and fifties. And hate to think of her looking back and hating herself for so much wasted time.


There’s no question Alex has drive (when it comes to making music). But the business end of self-promotion is something I myself have yet to grasp. It takes an entirely different set of tools. The singer I was in a band with had that talent. You could tell her your mom was dying and somehow she’d fit a gig announcement in between the two sentences she would utter….about our upcoming single. Etiquette has no place in the business world, that’s why there’s a different set of business etiquette. If Alex can combined her fantastic skill at making music with a set of tools (and how many artist have fallen wayside lacking one or the other?), she’d get farther than where she is now. But it’s all about priorities. For myself, fame would have been nice, but it was no comparison to making music that mades me happy to create and listen to.

Lots of things I want to say to this but public places aren’t the correct forum for it.

Your feelings?

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