Cleaning Up After

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Funny how at the end of a relationship you suddenly find yourself having all this material stuff to deal with.

Since Alex’s last visit I got a tall mirror and a chest of drawers - neither of which I need.

There’s all the clothing that would cost impossibly much to ship to England.

The better dishware of course can be used but I have to laugh at myself for that gesture.

I even need to clean up my Netflix queue. I can still watch Superstar in a Housedress to be sure. But as much as I enjoy the subject without some gender atypical person to watch it with I find it hard to summon up the desire.

Maybe I’ll finally watch the Peter Berlin documentary. That bit of queer erotic history has been in my queue for something like two years.

Without exactly wanting to I must erase a person’s presence.


I was thinking about my longtime friend Frank (who sends his well-wishes btw) in Ashville, and he said when he moved into a new relationship, the rules was only one picture (maybe) from the past relationship, which cannot displayed in the open. The arrangement of living space (even though it may be lacking in antique Shaker cabinets and Villency sofas) is an artform, I think. Like fashion (I have demonstrated that I can clearly theorize better than I can practice!), it’s not what you put into it, it’s what you subtract from it. Unless it was a mutual happy breakup, reminders in one’s living space often plays a psychological game on one’s sensibilities: It harps on what could have been….and I think that could sometimes play a subconsciously unhealthy role in one’s outlook. You may be able to see past it…but we don’t always have control of our subconscious. All I remember from your place are the gigantic tubs of vitamin powder in the kitchen. That in itself is a reminder of our patient wait for Richard’s return to the healthy ladykiller we envision you’ll be one of these fine days. ;-)

You are going to talk to me about it before throwing away all my stuff I hope?

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Cleaning Up After.

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