Finally: Hormones

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My beloved will finally get her hormones. Just a bit of paperwork to be cleared up.

This is when I regret our physical separation most deeply. I’d like to share her journey from boy to girl in person.

Not that I’m not a greedy male creature who doesn’t keenly anticipate her return with her curves and an altered body.

Part of me would be grateful for the mundane chore of going to the pharmacist to pick up the pills. And I wish I could be there to hold her as the chemical modification causes her moods to shift.

Her transitioning is special and - er - “sacred” and as the man who loves her I feel that as her lover I should be with her each step of the way. Not trapped on the other side of an ocean.

But I can’t put my arm about her shoulder as I wish. All I can do is offer her virtual companionship.


Probably the two most important parts in my transition from male to female were going on female hormones and my facial femininzation surgery giving me a beautiful woman’s face. The female hormones gave me a female body, the facial feminization surgery gave me a woman’s face. Also of course facial and chest hair removal and women’s breast implants, along with my femininzation voice training and feminization mannerisms training. I am very feminine and beautifil as a result of these things, and no one would ever guess I was once male, not unless they took a peak underneath my skirt, I am a pre-op transexual.

I am not sure whether I am going to be a non-op transexual woman, or have my male genetalia removed and be given a beautiful vagina. The man I am with loves me as a lady, and he also likes my ladystick. Due to the estrogen I take, my ladystick is feminized, lovely and limp, which is the way my handsome, masculine man likes it, he is the one with the big beautiful virile manstick, that I love taking in my lipsticked mouth and pleasuring him, or have him take me from behind as his lady. Whether I am to be castarated and given a vagina, or remain a non-op transexual lady, really is up to my man. I love being a beautiful, feminine woman with a lovely femininzed ladystick, but I would also love having a beautiful vagina. Either way, I am the submissive, feminine, loving lady to my handsome, masculine, loving man.

Take care, you darling handsome men.

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