Hormones (Finally)

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Alex has at least made an appointment with a physician who specializes in helping transsexuals. The doctor himself is a post-operative FTM transsexual.

A huge step toward self-actualization for my beloved.

And raises the possibility that our relationship might pass from being partly long distance. That Alex could live here.

Maybe. Huge, giant, cyclopean maybes.

American immigration officials are hardly friendly toward transgendered persons. While there was a recent decision favoring couples where the foreign partner comes from outside the Greatest Nation on Earth new law is fragile. Blasting it wouldn’t be hard if our current rules wish to.

And it wouldn’t be anytime soon. I’m sure the officials that make the decision will expect her to have been in treatment for some time. And I haven’t any idea what else.

While I’d of course like for her to be here now and forever I have practical matters with which to deal.

One matter really: money. Having enough of it.

Right now I’m fearful enough of being able to sustain myself.

Here’s hoping I have the skill and drive to somehow pull everything together.


transgender immigration help: http://www.srlp.org/index.php?sec=03P&page=immigration

hope this helps both of you. there might be some relevant information there. good luck. ;-)

I don’t want to sound either insensitive or stupid, but… :)

What is the problem with immigration, hormone treatment and transexuals? This isn’t the first time you’ve mentioned it and I was curious the last time.

Perhaps it’s living in the antipodes, but why would it matter if one partner is transgender? Surely Alex’s immigration would be based on relationship status, and being trans can’t affect that - so is it that the govt is trying to avoid the medical bill for hormone treatment? (but I thought in the US that’d be paid privately not by the govt anyway).

So I just don’t understand!! :)

Alex was born biologically male.

That means is is male in the US.

Though there was a recent decision favoring MTF transsexuals. But just that one. And it took lots of money and time to win.

And might be overturned the next time.

If Alex had been born female or my government were sane it wouldn’t be an isssue.

So the issue is that the US won’t recognise your relationship for immigration purposes because it considers you both to be male and doesn’t accept same sex relationships for immigration purposes?

That is exactly the problem.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Hormones (Finally).

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